Performance Management

A higher degree of talent management.

Why performance management should be a two-way street

To facilitate effective evaluations that advance the institutional mission, colleges and universities must create a culture that supports continuous,

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7 Questions to Ask About Redesigning Performance Management

Studies show that determining how higher education faculty feel about performance management is the first step toward improvement.

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How inadequate technology hinders performance management

Leaders at the Western University of Health Sciences and University of Memphis struggle with inefficient “homegrown” performance management system

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Performance Management Tips for Colleges and Universities

Edward Wilson, Jr., Ph.D., former HR director and director of academic affairs at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and Heather Murray, former

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Here’s What Happens When you Measure Talent Management Performance

Ricardo Coronado, Ph.D., associate vice chancellor of human resources, explains how measuring performance benefits his college and HR department.

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