Why Course Evaluations in Higher Education Matter

What are course evaluations and why are they important for higher education? Course evaluations have been a practice at colleges and universities for a long …

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Avoiding Higher Education Employee Burnout

Employee retention should be a top priority for colleges and universities today. Many institutions today are facing the “big quit,” just like countless other organizations,. …

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How Technology is Making HR in HigherEd More Efficient

The role of HR in higher education encompasses a wide range of duties. HigherEd Human Resources teams cover a lot of ground. With often limited …

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Key Takeaways: Creating a Connected Ecosystem in HigherEd

Connected ecosystems are the vital next step for institutions to fuel institutional success and bring efficiency and innovation to their administrative teams. The needs of …

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Keys to Successful HigherEd Performance Management

Effective performance management is key to employee retention and growth. The best performance management programs actively keep employees engaged and help them have an impact …

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Adapting Your Processes for the Changing Needs of HigherEd

HigherEd is changing fast. Hiring is facing new challenges that weren’t on the radar a few years ago, and the speed of change is only …

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Highlight Your Institution’s Unique Value to Win Talent

Hiring isn’t getting any easier for HigherEd teams this year. According to a recent poll by the Chronicle of Higher Education, 62% of college leaders …

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Ensuring Equitable Hiring in HigherEd: Key Takeaways

Equitable hiring is a key topic in HigherEd today. Increasing representation among employees is vital in many industries, but especially at colleges and universities. A …

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Creating a Connected Campus with Seamless Integrations

Leveling up your institution’s use of technology starts with integrations. Having digitized systems and processes across campus is key to staying competitive in today’s HigherEd …

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