Taking Innovation Cues from Community Colleges

HigherEd can look to community colleges for innovation inspiration. Community colleges are facing many of the same challenges as four-year colleges and universities. In our …

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The Importance of Balancing Faculty Workloads

Balancing faculty workloads has an impact on more than just a faculty member’s day-to-day. When administrators ensures that faculty have equitable and balanced workloads, taking …

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5 Ways to Level Up in the New Academic Year

The new academic year is here already. Is your team prepared to navigate the top challenges of a brand new school year? In PeopleAdmin’s recent …

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First Impressions: Why the application experience is so important

The application experience is an overlooked aspect of recruitment and hiring. When examining recruitment and hiring practices, it’s tempting to focus on everything that brings …

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Back to School: Key Topics from the Spring that Should Be on Your Mind

What should you be thinking about as the new school year approaches? Summer is coming to an end and back-to-school crunch time is here. With …

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Why Timing Can Make or Break Your Applicant Process

Timing can make or break your applicant process. The application process is a tough aspect of hiring to perfect. There are a number of things …

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Trends for 2023: What’s Next in HigherEd

HigherEd has been through a whirlwind of change since 2020, so what’s next? Colleges and universities, along with their faculty, staff, and administrations, have proven …

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In-Person Learning: Not Just for Students

In-person learning has been a hot topic in the last few years. Prior to 2020, in-person learning was the norm for colleges, universities, k-12 schools, …

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If You Aren’t Digitizing Faculty Data, You’re Missing Out

Your faculty take on many different roles and are a vital part of your institution. But many colleges and universities don’t have systems in place …

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