Creating a Connected Campus with Seamless Integrations

Leveling up your institution’s use of technology starts with integrations. Having digitized systems and processes across campus is key to staying competitive in today’s HigherEd …

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What Academic Tenure Is and Why It Matters

What is academic tenure? Academic tenure is an employment status that gives lifetime employment to a college or university professor. Achieving tenure means job security …

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Stopping Faculty Burnout with Better Teaching Assignments

Leveraging data for teaching assignments Across HigherEd, faculty are burned out, struggling with complex workloads, losing trust in administrative processes, and feeling disengaged from their …

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What Is DEI in Education and How Can Universities Improve It?

What is DEI? DEI is the common abbreviation for diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is a critical aspect of any organization—and DEI in education is …

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Top Hiring Tip for HigherEd

For higher education institutions, recruiting and hiring can be a complex and challenging process. Attracting top talent in a competitive market requires making the most …

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The Link Between Faculty and Student Retention

In HigherEd, faculty retention and student retention are closely linked. Retaining faculty is critical to maintaining a high-quality education and a positive learning environment for …

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Key Takeaways: How to Optimize Faculty Activity

How to Optimize Faculty Activity: Best Practices for Academic Leaders Between managing teaching assignments, navigating promotion and tenure review, balancing faculty workloads, and tracking down …

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Developing a HigherEd Employment Brand

Developing an employment brand is key to attracting talent in a competitive market. As colleges and universities increasingly compete for talent with the corporate sector, …

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Making HigherEd Search Committees More Efficient

How to make search committees faster and more effective in selecting key hires Search committees have long been part of the hiring process for roles …

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