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PeopleAdmin’s Performance Management is a user-friendly solution that elevates employee effectiveness with customizable performance review programs and real-time analytics.

Insightful performance management for HigherEd

Enable departments to design review programs that meet their specific performance and development goals, while empowering managers to provide valuable feedback. Create streamlined process, clear expectations and outcomes, and a data-driven review process.

Performance Management automates the technical aspects of employee development. Configurable features easily accommodate your institution’s unique needs, policies and practices, while personalized dashboards offer visibility for HR and supervisors. The 9-box model helps drive staffing and succession planning decisions and automated task reminders keep everyone on track.

  • Customizable performance review programs
  • HR and supervisor oversight
  • 9-box model
  • Flexible review cadence

Performance Management to fit your unique needs

Customizable Programs
Visibility and Oversight
Continuity and Clarity
9-Box Model
Compliance and Insights

Customizable Programs

Configurable performance management programs fit your institution’s unique requirements and practices, including annual reviews, custom review cadences, focal reviews, new hire programs, and more. Choose the rating system most convenient for you, including whole numbers, decimals, or banded scoring.

Visibility and Oversight

The employee portal gives employees easy, private access to their evaluation feedback and personal progress notes. Personalized dashboards for HR and managers allow for review of overall program status as well as task ownership and progress. HR can control which employees are included in each program.

Continuity and Clarity

Capture and share lightweight, bidirectional feedback throughout the year on your schedule with progress notes that can later be attached to reviews. Objectives from previous evaluations keep employees on a growth trajectory, while document attachments provide additional clarity and context. Scheduled check-in meetings keep employees on track and HR annotations support managers with additional guidance.

9-Box Model

The 9-box grid, enabled within the Performance Management model, helps HR and supervisors understand the performance and potential of the talent within their institution. The model encourages dialogue by providing a framework for discussing talent, highlights opportunity, and supports both employee career planning and institutional succession planning.

Compliance and Insights

HR visibility and actionable metrics make compliance a breeze. Processes move faster to be completed in the right time frame and, in case of an audit, you’ll have a record of every decision and it’s justification. Catch DE&I discrepancies, like gender bias in reviews, while they can still be corrected.

Elevating Performance Management for Appalachian State University

Appalachian State University wanted to elevate performance management on campus after discovering how vastly different the processes and systems were across departments. “Instead of just looking at the day-to-day tasks our staff was responsible for, we wanted to focus on setting meaningful goals,” said Emily Wilson, Professional Development Coordinator at Appalachian State. Read more about how the Performance Management module enabled the development team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Performance management is the ongoing process in which HR and supervisors measure and report on an employee’s performance and progress to ensure that they are meeting personal and institutional goals and objectives. Throughout the process, supervisors and employees communicate to set goals, evaluate progress, provide feedback, and assess achievements.

The 9-box model is a grid for employee assessment that evaluates current performance as well as employee potential. The 9-box grid is often used as a succession planning tool, helping to evaluate current talent, identifying potential leaders as well as underperforming employees. The results of a 9-box mapping exercise can highlight developmental opportunities and encourage managers to rethink their training and development strategies.

Yes! Performance Management is flexible and configurable, supporting unique review processes and workflows for different types of positions. This means departments and colleges can set up performance review processes and feedback cadences that work for their unique needs.

Yes! HR has insight into the performance review process across campus and can send notifications and reminders to users when they have missing or overdue documents.

Yes, you can customize the scoring mechanisms in Performance Management to best meet your needs. We understand that scoring may look different across various parts of campus and we offer a great deal of flexibility to your institution when setting up performance programs.

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