Build an efficient, intelligent position library

PeopleAdmin’s Position Management is an audit-ready single source of truth for position descriptions classifications, and organizational structure. Enable strategic decision-making with actionable insights

Simplify HigherEd hiring processes

Effortlessly maintain current job descriptions for all position types with streamlined hiring manager reminders and communications so you can make better, faster hires

Position Management’s intelligent classification system offers the efficiency and consistency that are critical to an effective talent management strategy at any institution. Hire faster with job descriptions that are ready to go. Hire better by ensuring that your job postings reflect your current organizational needs, meaning you’ll get candidates that can succeed in their role.

How is PeopleAdmin's ATS different?

Living Library of Positions
Intelligent Workflows
Auditable and Compliant
Actionable Insights
Powerful Integrations

Living Library of Positions

With current, approved job descriptions for open positions, ensure you hire the right candidate for the reality of the job today (not when it was last posted). This robust solution captures more than just descriptions, including classifications, compensation, and reporting structure.

Intelligent Workflows

Customize workflows and create automated reminders for hiring managers to ensure position changes are managed appropriately. Easily create position requisitions and initiate reclassification requestions, approving requests with on-the-go mobile access. PeopleAdmin offers unparalleled complexity for hierarchy, customization, rules, and workflows to meet any configuration needs

Auditable and Compliant

A clean historical record tracks position changes over time, including who made and approved changes, keeping you audit-ready. Customization brings cross-campus standardization of organizational structure while supporting unique department needs.

Actionable Insights

Robust analytic dashboards provide real-time visibility at the institution or department level to inform strategic staffing and budgeting decisions. See open vs. filled positions, salary and budget variance, heatmaps for seat allocation, retention and promotion trends, and diversity and EEO metrics.

Powerful Integrations

Position Management offers incredible compliance, analytical insights, and efficiencies on its own. But when paired with other PeopleAdmin modules, it becomes a true powerhouse. Create a unified ecosystem where position details flow seamlessly across PeopleAdmin solutions, your HRIS, ERP, and any other talent acquisition and management systems. Information is entered once, and can be reused again and again in myriad ways across your hire-to-retire lifecycle.

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Organizations spend $2,000 – $15,000 on compensation survey data annually. Remove that cost with our data-driven system.


On The Dollar

The gender pay gap is persistent in HigherEd. Eliminate it at your institution with salary and budget insights. 

$ 0
Time Savings
30% less time required for search committee members to participate in the faculty evaluation process.
0 %
Less Time

70% time savings on creating, gaining approval, and posting new job positions.

Easing the burden for Montana State University

Accurate and up-to-date job descriptions, classifications, and position frameworks provide the backbone for a successful talent management strategy. But over time, they become difficult to maintain, especially in the ever-changing world of higher education. Using Position Management, Montana State now tracks and manages those changes over time, improving recruiting, tenure-review, and performance evaluation processes

Frequently Asked Questions

A position library is a collection of job descriptions. With Position Management, this is a living library where users can upload and edit job descriptions so there are always approved and updated job descriptions on hand when open roles need to be shared.

Posting outdated job descriptions can actually discourage candidates from applying to your open roles. A good job description is unique to a position and should evolve over time. Revisiting job descriptions each time you hire is an important part of hiring for the reality of the job today. If you post a role as it was the last time you hired, you might not hire the right candidate for the job as it has evolved, and there may be a disconnect between the new hire’s expectations based on the job description and the institution’s expectations for the candida.

Yes. HR leadership has full oversight to determine the access level associated with each user group in Position Management.  

The upload time depends on the number of position descriptions a customer has. PeopleAdmin can partner with customers to schedule an import of position descriptions.

You can set up as many different types of jobs and job titles in Position Management as you would like. Our goal is for Position Management to act as a catalogue of all positions across your entire campus.

Bring your position management into a new era and gain the insights you need to manage your recruitment strategy.

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