Data Analytics and Insights: Fueling a Better Future for HigherEd

Data Analytics and Insights: Fueling a Better Future for HigherEd 

Discover how to elicit positive change at your institution with data analytics and insights.

  • Improve recruitment and hiring with insights into your application process such as where and when candidates drop out 

  • Ensure equitable, balanced hiring, promotion and tenure processes with DEI metrics and EEO data  

  • Leverage data to ensure balanced faculty workloads and smarter academic affairs decision-making 

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Hear from HigherEd Leaders and Experts

We live in a data-driven world. If higher education institutions don’t take steps to derive actionable insights from their data, they will miss out on opportunities to identify problems and enact positive change that will fuel the future of HigherEd.

Join this webinar to learn how having access to the right analytics – and deriving actionable insights from that data – can benefit every area of your institution and help your team tackle the challenges facing HigherEd today.

Hear from HigherEd insiders and experts as they share the impact of data analytics on HR and talent management, DEI initiatives, and faculty teaching and research performance. 


Robbin Sim
Recruitment Team & System Manager, Oregon State University

Kendell Middlebrook
Solution Engineer, PeopleAdmin


Courtney Prato
Senior Director, Solution Marketing