Driving Student Outcomes

Students are at the heart of the HigherEd mission. PeopleAdmin unlocks positive student outcomes through more effective faculty activity, curriculum, and course management.

A HigherEd Solution Optimized for Student Outcomes​

A unified cloud platform created to move the higher education mission forward, designed with students at the center.

Student success is front and center in the national conversation. With heightened competition among HigherEd institutions, it’s more vital than ever before that you enable positive student outcomes, highlight student retention, and engage in active student support. It all starts with a unified ecosystem of technology.

  • Boost student performance
  • Curricular effectiveness and gap analysis
  • Course evaluation and optimization
  • Longitudinal student outcomes evaluation
  • Free faculty to focus on students

Features & Benefits

Faculty Focus
Course Management
Measure Curriculum Effectiveness
Better Hiring
Powerful Integrations

When faculty are more efficient, free from the unnecessary burden of administrative work, they have more time to focus on teaching, mentoring, and curriculum development—meaning improved student outcomes.

The most important interactions happening on your campus—the ones that drive your institutional mission—are between faculty and students. Courses are the bridge between faculty and students, showing which faculty are impacting which students. Actionable and insightful course evaluations are key to understanding the success of these interactions.
Help your faculty be more effective with real-time data about student performance inform instructional design. The most effective courses are designed and redesigned based on the needs of current students, rather than historical or anecdotal information.
With streamlined human resources workflows, hiring is faster and easier. Less time on job postings means more time for strategy and candidate communication, so that HR can target and engage top talent and find the best candidates for your institution. Better hires stay longer and have long-term positive impacts on the student experience.

PeopleAdmin’s groundbreaking partnership with Enflux, a powerful HigherEd decision support platform, is paving the way for brand-new actionable insights. The integration provides a tool that directly correlates faculty activity with student outcomes. With a data-rich overview of campus, academic affairs teams can now access vital data that will allow them to identify curriculum gaps and at-risk students, simplify assessment, streamline accreditation, and balance faculty commitments.

Optimized Faculty, Curriculum, and Course Management to Drive Student Outcomes

Discover how PeopleAdmin can power your campus to focus on student success.