Insights Advanced

Do you ever wonder where you stand against other institutions? With actionable peer data from Insights Advanced, make informed decisions and know where to focus your efforts. 

Benchmark your institution against your peers

The HigherEd landscape is changing fast. With budget constraints, hybrid workforces, and a competitive talent marketplace, your institution might be wondering how to make the best decisions. 

Insights Advanced is a brand-new, interactive tool offering data trends and actionable insights from your higher education peers. Benchmark your institution against similar colleges and universities to better understand how to make the most of your budget, or see how your DEI efforts stack up. 

Don’t wait to gather data and build a report—drive data-driven decision making faster with real-time information, so you’re always on the cutting edge. Discover how other HigherEd institutions are tackling the challenges you face.

  • Benchmark against your peers
  • Examine hiring and budget trends
  • Filter by region, position type, and institution type (public, private, community college)
  • DEI breakdowns
  • Talent acquisition and talent management data
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Inform strategic discussions with leadership
  • Real-time, accessible information

Unlock the Potential of Your Institution

Streamline your workflows and discover actionable insights with the only platform built for the complex processes of HigherEd.