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PeopleAdmin’s Course Evaluations, powered by Faculty Information System, uses modern survey techniques and focused questions to produce detailed, qualitative course feedback throughout the semester.

Amplify Faculty and Student Voices

Help students share what’s working and empower faculty to examine their curricula.

Course Evaluations modernizes the student survey experience, driving higher participation. The right questions mean that feedback is actionable. Academic leaders can examine student feedback and create a visual path to improvement for any given course. Evaluations can even happen on a recurring basis throughout a semester so that faculty can better support students, while there’s still time to change outcomes.

  • Detailed, qualitative course feedback
  • Modern, mobile-friendly methodology
  • Frequent, recurring surveys
  • Respond to feedback in real-time
  • Academic leadership overview
  • Impact on student outcomes

Performance Management to fit your unique needs

Modern Survey Experience
Frequent Feedback
Paths to Improvement

Modern Survey Experience

Modern survey technology, thoughtful questions, and standardized methodology leads to detailed, targeted, qualitative and quantitative feedback. Mobile accessibility, incentives, and a short, polished survey experience mean that students are more likely to participate, leading to a larger sample size and more useful data. With an easy-to-use interface, faculty and academic affairs leaders can discover actionable insights with the click of a button. 

Frequent Feedback

Course evaluations by students and faculty will kick off course improvement feedback loops. Evaluations inform course creation and pedagogical improvement, which helps administrators understand supply and demand and balance course scheduling. Because surveys can be implemented mid-semester, results impacts in-course activities like assessments and discussions, which are then evaluated again, continuing the loop.

Paths to Improvement

Visual roll-up reporting offers clear next steps for growth and creating best practices for faculty and academic leaders. View reports broken down by multiple factors, including course, faculty member, department, or college for clarity on cross-campus effectiveness. Clear outcomes leads to faster, more effective change, meaning that students see the direct impact of their feedback.

Keep a pulse on student voices.

Empower your faculty at every step with actionable course evaluations throughout the year.