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Drive strategic decision-making and institutional efficiency with Insights. PeopleAdmin’s smart and robust analytics tools deliver clear, actionable insights at the click of a button.

Get more out of your data

Effortlessly track important metrics and build an analytics strategy

Insights helps you uncover key insights into EEO compliance, budget planning, balanced hiring, faculty and staff hiring and retention, and more. Designed specifically for HigherEd, Insights supports data-driven decision-making for the complex workflows and dynamics of colleges and universities. Whether you need an up-close look or a broader picture, your team can easily keep track of important metrics with near real-time visual dashboards.

And with automated reporting, you can easily schedule specific, easy-to-understand reports for institution leaders and key stakeholders — empowering data-based decision making across the institution.

  • Hiring, retention, budget, and diversity insights
  • Real-time, visual dashboards
  • Automated reporting for leadership
  • No manual data manipulation
  • Empower strategic decision-making

How can Insights make a difference?

Actionable, cross-campus insights
Measure diversity initiatives
Compliant and audit-ready
Visual dashboards
Easy to understand

Actionable, cross-campus insights

Visual dashboards allow teams across campus to access insights specific to their needs. Hiring managers can examine metrics including retention, time-to-hire, compensation and budget planning, open vs. filled positions, and diversity statistics by department, role type, or time period. HR leaders can monitor performance review processes by following average time-to-complete metrics and viewing performance breakdowns by department or role. Faculty affairs offices can ensure an informed and equitable tenure review process with insights into faculty activity and workload balance, and seeing an overview of promotion and tenure cases by department.

Measure diversity initiatives

Intuitively analyze hiring practices by position type using EEOC guidelines and pinpoint diversity breakdowns in your hiring workflow with precision. Understand the success of your diversity initiatives by comparing hiring and retention metrics across schools and departments.

Compliant and audit-ready

Compliance reporting is a breeze with standardized, real-time EEO reporting available at a click of a button. Your institution can stay audit-ready with a historical record of all changes, approvals, and more.

Visual dashboards

Natural Language Processing (NLP) quickly transforms hundreds of thousands of data points into a handful of meaningful patterns using filters and visual representations, all with the click of a button. Visualize your data wherever you are, using your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Easy to understand

Give nontechnical users the ability to quickly access data and build business intelligence reports, thanks to our intuitive, visual, self-service dashboards. Unified Insights dashboards are web-based, so key stakeholders can access and monitor the same reports without downloading any files—and you’ll know every data point is current. Users can also set up automatic alerts with links to important reports so key stakeholders stay informed throughout your hiring process.

By the Numbers

1 in 3

institutions that measure talent management performance use data to empower hiring, diversity, and workforce planning.


Institutions with an automated reporting solution are 2x as likely to rate reporting and analytics activities as easy.

0 %

Inadequately staffed HR organizations are 72% more likely to expect staffing increases if they measure performance.

Empowering decision making at Rutgers University

The HR team at Rutgers University recognized that manual reporting and data manipulation had a high potential for error, took a lot of time, and cost hours of employee resources. By utilizing PeopleAdmin’s Insights, the Rutgers HR team now has all of the information they need to make strategic decisions in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your institution might have a lot of data, but without an analytics solution, you’re not getting insights or information out of all that data. We’ve built actionable, HigherEd-specific insights into our platform so you don’t have to work to find that information.

Insights has analytics features for every module on the HigherEd Cloud. With bi-directional integrations, your team can also pull in data from other systems already in use to get a holistic view of metrics across campus.

Insights is built on Microsoft PowerBI.

Prepare for tomorrow with actionable insights.

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