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Win the war for talent with PeopleAdmin’s innovative HigherEd talent platform, which empowers more effective hiring, onboarding, professional development, and retention.

Seamless and Integrated Talent Acquisition and Management

PeopleAdmin is the only holistic solution designed to meet the unique needs of HigherEd HR teams. PeopleAdmin has been partnering with HigherEd human resources departments for over 20 years, providing solutions that cater to their unique needs. From talent acquisition to management and retention, you’ll be poised to win the war for top talent.

The HigherEd platform is designed specifically to handle the unique, complex workflows your team deals with every day. This single solution helps your office be more effective and more efficient by automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks so you can get focus your time on what really matters. 

Hire better and faster with workflows built just for your institution. Efficient talent acquisition means your team can spend more time with candidates and current faculty and staff, and less time on data entry. HR oversight of performance management and professional development leads to streamlined, cross-campus processes and better retention. 

Plus, out-of-the-box connections with your other systems mean that data can flow freely throughout your connected ecosystem with no manual re-entry. With PeopleAdmin, all of your information comes together to create a single source of truth.

  • Hire, develop and retain top talent
  • Measure and advance DEI initiatives
  • Visual dashboards with HR-specific insights
  • Seamless integrations across all your talent systems 

Talent Management

Virtual Hiring and Onboarding

How is PeopleAdmin's HR different?

Applicant Tracking System
Position Management
Employee Records
Performance Management
Professional Development & Learning
Unified Insights 
Marketplace of Connectors

Applicant Tracking System

Build a modern, user-friendly recruiting experience for applicants and your HR team with PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System. A personalized, institutionally-branded candidate portal and automated communication attracts top talent. Powerful workflows support the complex, multi-department hiring structures found in higher education. Visual analytics dashboards meet your reporting needs and give you the insights  to manage your institution's entire recruiting and hiring process. 

Position Management

Maintain a single source of truth for up-to-date positions descriptions, job classifications, and organizational structure with PeopleAdmin’s Position Management. Hire faster with a living library of position descriptions that are already approved and ready to post. Hire the right candidate for the job and set new hires up for success by sharing job postings that reflect the current needs of your institution. Stay compliant and audit-ready with a system that tracks historical changes in position descriptions.

Employee Records

PeopleAdmin’s Employee Records is a paper-free solution to streamline onboarding and simplify records-management. Give a lasting, positive first impression to new hires with a modern, paper-free  onboarding experience that tells your institution’s story. HR oversight ensures that you know exactly where your new hires stand, and helps you keep track of missing or incomplete forms. The mobile-accessible platform keeps new hires engaged and reduces time-to-contribution. With a centralized, digital portal, you can enable secure, self-service access to HR forms for all faculty and staff. 

Performance Management

Increase retention and elevate employee effectiveness with PeopleAdmin’s Performance Management. This user-friendly solution offers customizable performance review programs that meet the needs of each individual department, while maintaining standards across campus. Automate the technical aspects of employee development so you can focus on a review process that works for your institution, and gain insights through personalized dashboards for HR and supervisors.  

Professional Development and Learning

Drive growth and retention on campus with PeopleAdmin’s Professional Development and Learning module. Personalized learning paths and collaborative features increase engagement and set employees on a trajectory of career success. Tailor content to the needs of each college, department, or employee, and monitor attendance and compliance with complete HR oversight.

Unified Insights 

Within a platform that speaks to all areas of your institution, our powerful Unified Analytics dashboards provide data at your fingertips in real-time. Easily navigate EEO compliance, budget planning, diversity initiatives, faculty and staff retention, hiring metrics, and more with visual, easy-to-understand dashboards. 

You can zoom in to take an up-close look at specific departments or colleges, or zoom out see the broader picture across campus. Examine metrics within specific departments or schools, in different date ranges, or during various stages of the hiring process. Insights are easily shareable with leadership and key stakeholders. Automated reporting means you can easily schedule and export specific, easy-to-understand reports, empowering data-based decision making across the institution.

Marketplace of Connectors

PeopleAdmin’s Marketplace of Connectors integrate with the best talent recruitment and management systems serving the HigherEd community, including your HRIS, ERP, job boards, background checks, I9 verification, learning content, and more. These out-of-the-box integrations connect seamlessly with these partners so information flows bi-directionally between systems, reducing manual re-entry, shoring up inconsistencies, and providing a holistic view of analytics across the complete talent ecosystem. 

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How PeopleAdmin helped Cleveland Community College stop drowning in paper.

When it came to hiring and onboarding new employees, Cleveland Community College could sum up the process in one word: paperwork! Seeking a solution to streamline their talent acquisition processes, they looked to PeopleAdmin’s efficient, organized processes to cut down on filling out forms and spend more time forming great employee relationships. And when a pivot to a remote work environment happened overnight during the COVID-19 pandemic, PeopleAdmin was there to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

A position library is a collection of job descriptions. With Position Management, this is a living library where users can upload and edit job descriptions so there are always approved and updated job descriptions on hand when open roles need to be shared.

Posting outdated job descriptions can actually discourage candidates from applying to your open roles. A good job description is unique to a position and should evolve over time. Revisiting job descriptions each time you hire is an important part of hiring for the reality of the job today. If you post a role as it was the last time you hired, you might not hire the right candidate for the job as it has evolved, and there may be a disconnect between the new hire’s expectations based on the job description and the institution’s expectations for the candida.

Yes. HR leadership has full oversight to determine the access level associated with each user group in Position Management.  

The upload time depends on the number of position descriptions a customer has. PeopleAdmin can partner with customers to schedule an import of position descriptions.

You can set up as many different types of jobs and job titles in Position Management as you would like. Our goal is for Position Management to act as a catalogue of all positions across your entire campus.

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