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Annual Report: The State of HigherEd

PeopleAdmin’s 2023 Annual Report discusses the state of HigherEd today, including:

  • The changing HigherEd landscape 
  • Hiring and recruitment challenges
  • Retention and employee satisfaction
  • Work arrangements
  • Shifting federal and state requirements
  • Digitization, data, and technology

Guide to Employee Retention in HigherEd

This guide discusses faculty and staff retention, including:

  • Current retention challenges
  • Retention solutions like onboarding programs, campus culture, and talent management
  • Technology-driven best practices for HR teams

Best Practices for Balancing Faculty Workload

This guide discusses challenges and best practices for supporting your faculty, including:

  • Understanding faculty workload
  • Breaking down service work, equity, and administrative burden
  • Digitizing, streamlining, and simplifying faculty workload
  • Technology driven solutions for academic affairs teams

Guide to Recruiting and Retaining a Diverse Faculty and Staff

This guide discusses the challenges and best practices for building a diverse faculty and staff on your campus, including:

  • Current state of DEI in HigherEd
  • Building DEI practices into your recruiting and hiring processes
  • Retaining and promoting the talent you already have
  • Building a DEI-focused campus culture
  • Leveraging data to identify the specific challenges at your institution
  • Technology-focused solutions for your team

Guide to Navigating Academic Affairs Challenges

This guide discusses best practices and insights into the top academic planning challenges, including:

  • Streamlining course scheduling to spend 50% less time on teaching assignments
  • How to achieve faculty workload balance
  • Simplifying promotion and tenure processes
  • Increasing curriculum effectiveness
  • A focus on enrollment, hiring, and diversity
  • Technology-forward solutions for academic affairs and faculty

Data Analytics and Insights

This guide discusses the importance of actionable insights for HigherEd institutions, tackling topics like:

  • The difference between data and insights
  • Impact of data on students, enrollment, and DEI
  • Leveraging data for faculty and talent processes
  • Best practices to implement an analytics strategy

Using Recruitment Marketing to Hire Better and Faster

Careers in higher education have historically been viewed as highly desirable opportunities and colleges and universities could rely on a number of highly qualified candidates to apply for open positions. In the past decade, however, the employment market has become increasingly competitive and higher education institutions need to work harder to attract top talent.

This guide offers insight into the top hiring challenges for HigherEd and tips on building a recruitment marketing strategy that works for your institution.

  • Understanding your institution’s brand
  • Rethinking job descriptions
  • Expanding your reach
  • Building candidate pools
  • Decreasing time-to-hire and cost-per-hire

How Easing Faculty Burden Drives Student Success

Tips to leverage technology to power student success on your campus.

Key Takeaways:

  • The decline in enrollment and how the great resignation is impacting faculty.
  • Why retention should be a top priority for your institution.
  • How to support faculty who are facing burnout.
  • Understanding faculty administrative burden.
  • Embracing data to improve student outcomes.

Investing In HigherEd Software

The world of higher education has undergone a difficult few years and, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, change has happened fast. Higher education institutions need to take the digital transition seriously. Digitizing processes, offering on-the-go access to files and forms, and reducing paper use is vital to the longevity of your institution. Learn how to tackle the digital transformation on a limited budget and how to get leadership on board.

  • How to mitigate budget cuts
  • How HR can lead the way in the digital transformation
  • Winning the war for talent by going digital
  • The power of data and analytics
  • Identifying pain points to make the case to leadership
  • Leveraging HEERF funding

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