Annual Report: The State of HigherEd

PeopleAdmin’s 2023 Annual Report discusses the state of HigherEd today, including: 

  • The changing HigherEd landscape 
  • Hiring and recruitment challenges
  • Retention and employee satisfaction
  • Work arrangements
  • Shifting federal and state requirements
  • Digitization, data, and technology

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About this guide

HigherEd is going through a period of intense change. At the same time as admissions teams are grappling with declining student enrollment, human resources teams, academic affairs workers, and other administrators are navigating their own challenges.

Institutions are seeing shifts in every corner of campus, from hiring and retention to technology and data needs. In this report, we’re breaking down the current state of HigherEd in 2023, examining the biggest trends and  toughest challenges, and helping your team prepare for what’s to come in 2024.

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