Streamline recruitment and hiring for your institution

Confidently manage your institution’s entire talent recruitment and hiring process. Built for HigherEd, PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System meets the unique needs of institutional hiring with powerful reporting and compliance tools and flexible configurations.  

Built for HigherEd recruitment and hiring

Simplify hiring, increase efficiency, and fulfill your academic mission

Build a best-in-class recruiting experience for applicants and your HR team with PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System. This powerful tool supports the complex, multi-department structures found in higher education. With visual dashboards, a personalized candidate experience, and automated communication, ATS meets the unique needs of your campus while saving time and recruiting top talent.

  • Customizable templates and workflows
  • Time-saving centralized platform
  • Real-time visual dashboards
  • Actionable insights and in-depth analytics
  • Search committee capabilities
  • Modern, mobile-friendly applicant experience

How is PeopleAdmin's ATS different?

Seamless Integrations
Customizable Workflows
Streamlined Candidate Experience
Diversity and Inclusion
Reporting and Analytics
Search Committee Capabilities

Seamlessly Connected Hiring Systems

Integrations with job boards, background and reference check solutions, and I9 verification make the recruiting process faster and easier. Integrations with your HRIS and ERP connect to the data already at play on your campus.

Customizable Workflows Built for HigherEd

Flexible and configurable workflows offer support for complex, multidepartment hiring structures. Customize posting forms, workflows, and evaluative criteria for each position type, and access a supplemental question library to help you quickly screen candidates. Separate workflows for posting a job, tracking applicants, and creating hiring proposals serve the distinct needs of each process, while the centralized platform saves you time.

Streamlined Candidate Experience

With a mobile-friendly job site that can be customized to fit your institution’s brand, as well as integrations with social media sites and job boards, you can reach applicants where they are. Automated communication keeps top candidates engaged, and resume parsing and mobile uploads means applying is simpler than ever.

Diversity and Inclusion

Engage diverse candidates by expanding the reach of your postings through diversity focused job boards and social media integrations. Applicant analytics and real-time goal benchmarking offer insight into campus-wide diversity initiatives.

Reporting and Analytics

Real-time dashboards with easy-to-understand visuals make it easy to interpret your data. Standard reports help you stay EEO compliant and audit-ready based on federal and state regulations. Customizable reports can be automated so you can share information with key stakeholders on your own schedule.

Search Committee Capabilities

Easily handle the complex search processes of HigherEd. Simplify search committee activities with guest user access to candidates, flexible workflows, and confidential letters of reference, while storing and sharing committee notes directly within the application.

A Fully Integrated Solution for Higher Ed

Of course, the hiring process doesn’t occur in a bubble, which is why our solution’s integrations are so important. PeopleAdmin’s ATS integrates with your institution’s existing ERP and HRIS, bi-directionally communicating data so HR professionals only have to enter information once. Increase accuracy and free up time for strategic work by removing these repetitive administrative processes.

Connections to the entire PeopleAdmin solution platform, including Employee Records and Performance Management, mean that hiring data carries over through the entire employee lifecycle, from onboarding to performance reviews and beyond, giving your HR team insight into retention, performance, and new employee ROI. With a single repository of data, you’ll find cross-campus visibility and more actionable insights for your entire team.

PeopleAdmin Customers Found

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Reduced Time-to-fill
An average of 25% reduced time-to-fill for open positions.  
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Time Savings
30% less time required for search committee members to participate in the faculty evaluation process.
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Less Time on Job Postings
75% time savings on creating, gaining approval, and posting new job positions.

Increasing applicant flow for the University of Nebraska

“The number one reason we use PeopleAdmin is to create an efficient and effective process for our internal customers and our candidates,” said Carmen N. Sirizzotti, associate director of human resources at University of Nebraska Medical Center. “We were able to create a simple, mobile-friendly process that makes it easy for applicants to create a profile and apply to as many positions as they’d like. Lowering that barrier to entry has resulted in a proven uptick in our applicant flow.” 

Frequently Asked Questions

An applicant tracking system is a centralized, digital platform that supports the processes vital to a talent management team. This includes recruitment and hiring, from creating a job post through interviews and background checks. The right talent management system will connect all the necessary HR processes through an integrated ecosystem, allowing data to flow seamlessly from one step to another. An applicant tracking system is a vital piece of a talent management system, simplifying the talent acquisition process for recruiters and hiring managers. Applicant tracking systems allow HR professionals to create and share job postings, receive and review applications, engage candidates, and schedule interviews, all in one system.

An applicant tracking system helps human resources departments recruit and hire more efficiently, saving time so teams can focus on building a recruitment marketing strategy instead. A centralized, digital recruitment management system also enables virtual hiring and onboarding of faculty and staff. Applicant tracking software also makes processes easier for hiring managers with personalized dashboards and increased visibility. Metrics and insights can help your institution analyze and advance diversity and inclusion efforts and target top candidates.

Yes! Corporate solutions aren’t set up to handle the complex, multi-departmental hiring structures at your institution. PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd-specific ATS has workflows to support hiring committees, including confidential letters of reference and the ability to store and share committee notes within one platform. Your institution needs an ATS with customizable forms for any type of position, as well as institutional branding capabilities and on-campus system integrations—only PeopleAdmin can do it all for HigherEd.

EEO information is captured as part of the application process, with built in questions for applicants to answer. EEO reporting is provided for each posting.

Workflows determine how postings flow through Applicant Tracking System. Customers have full control over workflow states, including what approval is needed throughout the process for a job to post on ATS.

Resume parsing is the process of pulling relevant information out of a resume to enter into an ATS or other hiring software. Learn more

Recruit and hire top talent for your institution.

With an ATS built just for HigherEd, you can reduce administrative burden and help your team target the most qualified candidates to achieve your institution’s mission.