Engaging onboarding and streamlined records management

PeopleAdmin’s Employee Records helps you build an engaged and competent workforce through a streamlined onboarding experience and paper-free records management.

Modern, personalized onboarding for HigherEd

Welcome new hires seamlessly with a modern, digital onboarding process. Ongoing talent management is simple with one paper-free, centralized system for forms, contracts, and all employee documents.

With institutionally branded, customizable, and mobile-friendly onboarding capabilities, you can give new employees the best first impression and get them up to speed more quickly. Spend less time tracking down paper forms and more time on personalized communications and development-driven activities to create better-prepared new hires, while still getting the information you need. With all documents in one portal and visibility into processes, you’ll ensure compliance and reduce time-consuming records management tasks.

Plus, digital forms management mean all faculty and staff have self-service, mobile-friendly access to HR forms like change-of-address to FMLA documents without requesting them in person or via email.

  • Mobile-friendly onboarding
  • Customizable forms and onboarding checklists
  • Personalized communications
  • Centralized, digital form management
  • Decreased time-to-contribution
  • Real-time status visibility

How can Employee Records make a difference for your team?

Personalized Onboarding
Reduce Time-to-Contribution
Administrative Oversight
Digital Forms
Security and Compliance

Personalized Onboarding

Help new hires dive right into your institutional culture with an onboarding portal that fits your needs. Increase engagement with user-friendly checklists for completing important activities, like signing W-4s and I-9s, all in one place. Personalized communications and alerts mean users can easily see what’s completed and what’s next. With customizable workflows, departments can add in meaningful development activities specific to each role.

Reduce Time-to-Contribution

New employees are up to speed and prepared to further your institution’s mission sooner with a streamlined, seamless onboarding process. Personalized communications and meaningful development activities create better-prepared new hires.

Administrative Oversight

Track onboarding progress, reduce bottlenecks, and ensure new hire compliance with user-friendly reports and dashboards. Throughout the employee lifecycle, HR can oversee contract renewal, leave requests, offboarding, and more. See what forms are missing, what’s due, and what’s expiring.

Digital Forms

All faculty and staff have self-service, mobile-friendly access to HR forms without requesting them in person or via email. Save time by filling out everything from a change-of-address form to an FMLA document all in one portal. HR has visibility into missing and incomplete forms.

Security and Compliance

All documents completed, submitted, and stored in one portal means increased security for the sensitive information collected by HR, while less paper translates to time and cost savings. You’ll never chase down a vital missing form again with a centralized Employee Records platform.

By the Numbers

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Great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%. Keep your new hires longer with a positive onboarding experience.

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of organizations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork. Make your program engaging and strategic instead.

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Poorly managed information costs organizations $14,000 a year in lost productivity per worker.

Increasing efficiency for North Central College

Employee Records helped North Central College save time wasted on paper-based new hire onboarding processes. Creating a checklist for new hires has been instrumental in reducing the time it takes them to complete their necessary paperwork—which they’re now able to complete at home, before their first day. “We reduced the wait time from employees completing their paperwork and returning it from several days or weeks to literally hours,” said John Acardo, assistant Vice President for Human Resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Records can centralize and safely store all documents related to employee hiring and management. Our system manages I-9s, W-4s, benefits information, contracts, policy forms, bio updates, tuition benefits, FMLA documents, leave requests, and more—all on-demand and paper-free.

HR has complete oversight of documents and forms in Employee Records, meaning they know exactly which documents are signed, missing, or overdue. Platform managers can send notifications to employees about missing documents, meaning no more time spent chasing down unsigned forms.

Yes! Your team can build custom forms for state, institution, college, or department-specific needs.

Yes, Employee Records offers I-9 Verification.

We have a robust Marketplace of Connectors that allows our customers to integrate with many popular platforms that are relevant for HigherEd. Our platform integrates with multiple background check vendors.

Yes, Employee Records offers a robust onboarding checklist.

Employee Records integrates seamlessly with PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Onboarding is the process of introducing a new hire to your organization. Whether it’s a full-time or part-time member of the faculty or staff, every new employee needs to fill out paperwork like I-9s and W-4s, gain a full understanding of their job responsibilities, and learn about their new workplace. Onboarding may include team activities, campus tours, mentoring, benefits education, policy and employee handbook training, job training, development activities, and more in order to prepare an employee for their new job.

Virtual onboarding is when all of an organization’s onboarding processes are accessible digitally. Virtual onboarding can include filling out paperwork in an online portal before your first day of work, or can include virtual trainings that help new hires understand an organization’s culture. Even if an institution wants their employees to be onboarded in person, it’s important to have all the materials accessible in a digital platform when policies about in-person work can shift at a moment’s notice.

Onboarding processes are different at every organization. Onboarding can last just a few weeks, or can even extend into the first year of work, as HR and managers offer additional support to new hires as they get to know the workplace.

Create a modern onboarding experience so new hires are ready to make an impact

Endless paperwork and administrative burden slows time-to-contribution for new hires, disrupts workflow for current employees, and makes more work for your HR team. Go paperless and customize your record-keeping with PeopleAdmin.