Connected Multi-Campus Systems

PeopleAdmin’s HigherEd Cloud enables centralized insights and reporting for campus systems while enabling each campus to manage talent individually.

Interconnected campuses, unique processes

PeopleAdmin connects multiple campuses affiliated at a state, district, or system level, while allowing each campus to maintain complete control over their individual processes.

Your system will find centralized and holistic insights, consistencies, and increased efficiencies without sacrificing each campus’s need for unique workflows, rules, security, and even branding. As the only platform to offer this best-of-both-worlds solution, PeopleAdmin is the industry leader for connected HigherEd systems.

  • System-level insight
  • Individual campus control
  • Connected campus sharing
  • Consistent and efficient
  • Unique workflows and branding

How a connected system makes a difference

Individual Campus Autonomy
System-Wide Intelligence
Connected Campus Sharing
Micro and Macro Analytics
Reduced IT Cost and Maintenance

Individual Campus Autonomy

PeopleAdmin’s solution is customized to meet each campus’s specific needs. Within the interconnected system, each campus can maintain complete control over:

  • Individual, campus-specific branding with a unique logo, look and feel
  • Autonomy on rules and workflows
  • Institution-specific hiring systems and processes
  • Campus specific analytics
  • Security settings by institution/role
  • Share and view applicants across the system

System-Wide Intelligence

At the system level, teams can run reporting and analytics across the entire system, or for a specific campus. Easily create system-specific workflows and rules, manage security settings and permissions, and enjoy system-level administrative oversight. Holistic, system-level intel includes status, such as open vs. filled positions; consistency, including equitable hiring and promotions; and tracking metrics across multiple campuses.

Connected Campus Sharing

Connected campuses across a state, district or system can share records, best practices, and candidates, can quickly onboard new hires from another campus, and can monitor diversity, inclusion, and equity across campuses. Keep track of metrics for applicants, staff, and faculty, and promotion and tenure, and share and view applicants across campuses.

Micro and Macro Analytics

Robust analytics and visual dashboards provide each campus with the insights they need to make strategic decisions. Plus, a system-level view allows for consistency, equity, and efficiency.

Reduced IT Cost and Maintenance

Create a unified system that doesn’t require custom, in-house work from your team. Reduce the IT burden and maintenance needs that come from homegrown systems and let PeopleAdmin do the work for you.

It’s time to bring your campuses together.

Build a connected system that works for your institution.