Data Analytics and Insights

This guide discusses the importance of actionable insights for HigherEd institutions, tackling topics like:

  • The difference between data and insights
  • Impact of data on students, enrollment, and DEI
  • Leveraging data for faculty and talent processes
  • Best practices to implement an analytics strategy

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About this guide

We live in a data-driven world. According to EDUCAUSE, by one estimate, every person in the world created 1.7MB of data every second in 2020. A digitized world means that we need to make the most of this data. Forbes writes, “To stay viable and thrive in this rapidly changing environment, [employers] need to be good at anticipating what’s next and reacting in real-time.” That kind of proactive, strategic decision-making requires not just access to data, but access to real-time insights and analytics.

Dive into this guide for actionable steps to level up your data analytics!

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