Guide to Navigating Academic Affairs Challenges

This guide discusses best practices and insights into the top academic planning challenges, including: 

  • Streamlining course scheduling to spend 50% less time on teaching assignments 
  • How to achieve faculty workload balance 
  • Simplifying promotion and tenure processes 
  • Increasing curriculum effectiveness 
  • A focus on enrollment, hiring, and diversity 
  • Technology-forward solutions for academic affairs and faculty 

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About this guide

Academic deans and academic affairs offices are a vital part of the fabric of any HigherEd institution. Academic planning is complicated and multi-faceted—there is a huge amount of work that goes into supporting faculty and students. Even as the responsibilities of these positions have grown in previous years, many offices are struggling with budget cuts and a lack of resources and staff.  

Dive into this guide to learn more about the top challenges faced by academic affairs and gain some best practices on how to leverage data and technology to simplify, streamline, and optimize processes. 

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