A higher degree of talent management.

Why PeopleAdmin? Ann Robinson, Montana State University

Why PeopleAdmin? Ann Robinson, Human Resources Systems Administrator at Montana State University, manages the PeopleAdmin platform across four differe

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Trends for 2023: What’s Next in HigherEd

HigherEd has been through a whirlwind of change since 2020, so what’s next? Colleges and universities, along with their faculty, staff, and administ

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If You Aren’t Digitizing Faculty Data, You’re Missing Out

Your faculty take on many different roles and are a vital part of your institution. But many colleges and universities don’t have systems in place f

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Using Data for Targeted Recruiting

How your team can use data to implement targeted recruiting and put your hiring resources in the right place. Hiring in today’s competitive job mark

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Measuring the Impact of HigherEd

Measuring the impact of HigherEd using data analytics Colleges and universities have a huge impact on the world around them. From their relationships

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How Do You Stack Up Against Your Peers’ DEI Efforts?

Accelerate DEI programs by understanding the efforts of your peer institutions Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work in HigherEd is part of the

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The Future of Student Success

Highlights from a panel at Ellucian Live, moderated by Matt Sigelman, President of The Burning Glass Institute and featuring Rishi Rana, Executive Vic

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4 Ways Data Improves Student Outcomes

Is your HigherEd institution leveraging data to improve student outcomes? Read on to learn 4 ways that data can help your college or university create

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How Real-Time Insights Make Your Institution More Competitive

Data insights are the future for higher education institutions. Higher education institutions have almost universally grappled with the changes and ch

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