Faculty Affairs

A higher degree of talent management.

Faculty spend 20% of their time on administrative tasks. You can change that.

Learn about the administrative burden faculty face — and how you can encourage them to spend more time on the activities that matter most.

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These 3 strategies help SLCC hire diverse, talented faculty

To recruit and hire diverse, talented faculty who can help them fulfill their vision of being “a model for inclusive and transformative education,

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When it comes to hiring community college faculty, timing is everything

In 2014, 42 percent of all U.S. undergraduates attended community college. Despite their ongoing popularity with students, community colleges have inc

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Change management tips: How UAB secured faculty buy-in for a new ATS

Listen to the podcast to learn how Janice and her team overcame this challenge by engaging faculty members and leveraging SelectSuite’s search commi

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Engaging faculty and leveraging the power of search committees at UAB

In higher education talent management, empowering faculty and search committee members to engage with and enjoy simplified processes requires electron

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How to improve your search committee strategy — tips from the University of Alabama at Birmingham

The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) ditched inefficient search committee processes and streamlined activities using their applicant tracking

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Customizable, automated records and process management solution

To implement an effective talent management strategy, colleges and universities need a technology partner that knows higher education. PeopleAdmin ha

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Records and process management in higher education

Many higher education faculty affairs professionals rely on technically immature records and process management techniques.

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3 Tips to Enhance DEI From HERC Executive Director Nancy Aebersold

Many higher education institutions struggle with diversity, equity and inclusion. Nancy Aebersold, founder and executive director of the Higher Educat

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