Faculty Affairs

A higher degree of talent management.

Solving Today’s Higher Education Challenges

The challenges your institution is facing this school year are more complex than ever. Questions of hybrid working, teaching, and learning still linge

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Change management tips: How UAB secured faculty buy-in for a new ATS

Listen to the podcast to learn how Janice and her team overcame this challenge by engaging faculty members and leveraging SelectSuite’s search commi

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3 Tips to Enhance DEI From HERC Executive Director Nancy Aebersold

Many higher education institutions struggle with diversity, equity and inclusion. Nancy Aebersold, founder and executive director of the Higher Educat

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DEI: Why it matters, and what’s standing in the way

Enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a major priority for many colleges and universities. But why? What makes this issue so important?

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