Solving Today’s Higher Education Challenges

The challenges your institution is facing this school year are more complex than ever.

Questions of hybrid working, teaching, and learning still linger. All while higher education administrative offices are tackling increased workloads with limited resources in light of the great resignation. The good news is that you’re not alone. Peers at other institutions and experts are tackling these same challenges and want to share their solutions at PeopleConnect Live, PeopleAdmin’s can’t-miss, premiere HigherEd HR event. Read on to learn more about how you can learn, connect, and grow at PeopleConnect!


What are today’s HigherEd challenges?

Recruitment Marketing

This hiring season is an employee’s market, and “the great resignation” is impacting many organizations and institutions. Hiring is more competitive than ever, and higher education institutions are competing not just with each other, but with other industries who can offer higher pay and more flexibility. Colleges and universities need to stand out from the crowd to win the war for talent. PeopleConnect Live will help our customers take on this challenge and make the most of the HigherEd Platform.


Funding the Digital Transition

Colleges and universities across the country have enacted enormous budget cuts over the past two years in response to projected revenue losses of over $183 billion due to the pandemic. At the same time, it’s more important than ever for HigherEd institutions to invest in best-in-class tools and practices to enable their teams, staff, and faculty across campus. Even on a reduced budget, you can achieve your digitization goals thanks to federal funding. Learn how to leverage Higher Education Economic Relief Funds (HEERF) grants and create internal alignment to pave the best path forward for your institution.


Actionable Insights: Using Data to Drive Your Mission

There is so much data available within your institution, from hiring statistics to D&I breakdowns in different departments. The trick is knowing how to gain insights from the sometimes overwhelming amount of information. When that critical data is buried in paper files, or requires hours of manual manipulation to build reports, you’re missing out on key insights hiding in plain sight. Technology like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and predictive analytics can help you make sense of what you’re seeing and drive strategic decision-making for your team and your institution.


Faculty First

Faculty are a vital resource for your institution, driving the core of your mission: to educate and mentor students, and to contribute to the academic learning community. Faculty spend large chunks of their time on administrative tasks like activity reporting in paper-based systems, taking away energy and time from working with students. Technology can empower your faculty, reduce administrative burden, and positively impact student outcomes.


Facing these challenges in the “new normal” can be overwhelming, so it’s time to work through them as a team. At PeopleConnect Live, industry experts and peers are ready to share their knowledge and insights to help you tackle this academic year. Register here for our virtual event, coming up on October 19-20!