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PeopleConnect is our flagship, can’t-miss customer event. This year PeopleConnect is bringing together higher education leaders VIRTUALLY to connect, learn, and grow to fulfill the mission of higher education.

Created for higher education leaders of technology, talent management, faculty affairs, HR, and finance, as well as administrators, PeopleConnect Live features thought leadership and best practices webinar sessions on key higher education topics, our beloved Birds of a Feather sessions, an Executive Product Council session, and more!

Created for higher education leaders of HR, IT, Finance, and Administration, PeopleConnect Live features thought leadership and best practices breakout sessions on today’s most important higher education topics.

Learn how to get the most out of your existing technology and how to connect your systems to ensure you are prepared to drive positive student outcomes across campus and from home.

“Our thoughts, concerns, and feedback mattered to PeopleAdmin.”

Allen Kniceley

Director of HR

Cleveland Community College

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Why Attend?

At PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool company, we understand the importance of higher education and the need for faculty and administration to focus on what matters–student success. This event is packed with insights and training you can take back to your campus in order to streamline processes and create an impact at your institution.


Engaging sessions with thought leaders and your peers in higher education


Virtual networking with colleagues, experts, and product/subject matter experts


Inspiration and career development gained from sharing best practices and a strategic vision for the future of higher education

What to Expect

Virtual Hiring and Onboarding

While many colleges and universities are adjusting to working remotely and dealing with budget cuts and reappropriation of funds, many are responding to the unprecedented challenge of continuing to hire during the coronavirus pandemic. PeopleConnect Live will help our customers navigate this challenge and make the transition to virtual hiring and onboarding.

Remote Operations

The HigherEd Platform is designed to be your system of intelligence, while your ERP or HRIS continues to be your system of record. This allows for a smooth transition to remote operations in addition to increased efficiency, data accuracy, reduced IT overhead, and improved total cost of ownership for your institution.

Learn from Similar Institutions

Gain insight into successful approaches for tackling real challenges facing educators, administrators, and families.

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