Customer Success Story: University of Nebraska

Simple and efficient HR processes are crucial to talent acquisition and retention. This is something that the University of Nebraska understands, so the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) came together to do something about it.

Both campuses are working to create consistent and efficient processes. With the use of PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking System and Position Management, optimization of processes and reduction of time spent with administrative paper tasks is achievable.

“As the organizations have evolved, we’ve had different needs. I appreciate that PeopleAdmin has continued to customize the solution to meet our needs,” said Carmen N. Sirizzotti, associate director of human resources at UNMC.

The ROI of User-Friendly Processes

Apart from improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their core HR processes, the University of Nebraska has also reported great feedback from users, applicants, and new hires. In addition, the PeopleAdmin system is user-friendly, making it easy for users to learn how to use it quickly.

“The number one reason we use PeopleAdmin is to create an efficient and effective process for our internal customers and our candidates,” Sirizzotti says. “We were able to create a simple, mobile-friendly process that makes it easy for applicants to create a profile and apply to as many positions as they’d like. Lowering that barrier to entry has resulted in a proven uptick in our applicant flow.”

While the platform is user-friendly for applicants, it also makes things easier for the HR team. With less paper and more efficient processes, they are able to focus on more impactful efforts – like time spent with people.

“We’re here to serve. It has allowed us to build relationships with applicants, enabling us to create diverse teams,” Sirizzotti explained.

Future-Proof HR Processes

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the campuses were already using PeopleAdmin to manage their HR operations. As such, the institution was less impacted by the widespread disruption caused by the crisis.

“COVID didn’t affect our processes when it came to hiring at all. Everything was already online, from creating positions to getting approvals, nothing was interrupted,” Sirizzotti says.

With these critical processes and data already online, PeopleAdmin allowed the institution to future-proof its processes. They were already set up to continue operations and navigate the unknown.

A key factor in facing whatever comes next in HigherEd HR is digitization, doing away with time-consuming, manual tasks and paper processes.

“Reimagine an effective and efficient way to manage positions descriptions and applicant flow. There are so many ways you can save time for your staff, and even for your internal customers, by thinking outside the box and imaging what it could be,” Sirizzotti says. “Get away from paper as much as you can, and from obsolete processes that are not making your organization effective.”

A Partner that Understands the Needs of HigherEd

With a background in the for-profit, corporate sector, Sirizzotti notes that it is especially helpful to have a talent management partner that is built specifically for higher education needs.

“There is a huge difference between educational systems and industry. We have faculty, different setups, unique workflow, and approval needs. PeopleAdmin is really tailored toward educational institutions, which means we have a partner that understands that,” Sirizzotti notes.

Partnering with PeopleAdmin has allowed UNO and UNMC to be more efficient, more effective, and focus on their priority of service.


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