Level Up Your HigherEd Recruitment and Hiring

For HigherEd teams, telling the story of their institution is key for recruitment and hiring.

With PeopleAdmin’s digital tools, our customers get the chance to show potential applicants who they are. A streamlined candidate experience and customizable platform are key to creating a unique application process that showcases the best of your college or university.

Hear from a few customers below about how the HigherEd Cloud has helped them level up their recruitment and hiring.

Telling our story

As many institutions did during the shifts in work environment of 2020 and 2021, Linn-Benton Community College decided to dive into a digital transformation.

“The employment opportunities page was cumbersome to navigate and not very inviting,” said Laurie LeRiche, HR generalist at Linn-Benton. “We didn’t feel that job applicants were having the best experience, and we were having a hard time attracting interest in our positions.”

The team decided to work with PeopleAdmin to launch a new Mobile Applicant Portal, which has countless personalization options and offers a streamlined candidate experience.

Today, Linn-Benton’s applicant portal is customized with their logo and colors, and includes resources like a summary of the institution, highlights the school’s mission and core values, and includes photos of campus, students, and staff.

“We are hoping the upgrade helps applicants understand who we are, and that we are an employer they would want to work for,” says Laurie.

A forward-thinking school

California Baptist University, a PeopleAdmin customer since 2014, has been implementing more and more digital processes over the past several years. This is a part of an effort to demonstrate to applicants and new hires that they’re a modern, digital-first institution—something that’s important to many job-seekers today.

“Before, everything was on paper. We knew we needed to change—having new employees fill out paperwork was so outdated,” noted Shawna Benson, Administrative Support Specialist for the Information Technology Services Team. “The [onboarding] checklist feature is especially helpful for human resources. Previously, they were emailing information constantly and now, it’s an automated email reminder.”

With a fully digitized onboarding process, Cal Baptist has not only decreased administrative burden for their small HR team, but also built a more appealing, streamlined process that welcomes new employees the right way.

Highlighting a unique campus

North Carolina A&T State University has been working with PeopleAdmin since 2020 to streamline their processes, hoping to make things easier to users and applicants, and highlight the unique aspects of the institution.

“We’re not just any campus,” noted Dr. Veronica Sills, NC A&T’s Interim Chief Human Resources officer. “We’re an 1890 land grant institution with a rich history, located in a major city, and have a high focus on research. We have a lot of unique aspects of our university.”

Since undertaking this effort, Veronica and her team have taken the time to speak to campus partners about what they need and why, andQuote: We’re reducing the number of questions asked on every form, making things less cumbersome for applicants and campus partners. they’ve already started to see a difference and received positive feedback from users on the new hiring proposal process.

“We’ve changed how our hiring proposals are started, easing that process for everyone involved,” she said. “We’re reducing the number of questions asked on every form, making things less cumbersome for applicants and campus partners.”

When institutions focus on their unique qualities and the experience of their users – whether applicants or current employees—that effort makes a difference for everyone involved.

Final thoughts

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education recruitment and hiring, one thing is clear: telling the story of your institution is key to success. Digital transformation is not just a buzzword but a necessity, and institutions like Linn-Benton Community College, California Baptist University, and North Carolina A&T State University have embraced change and harnessed the power of digital tools like PeopleAdmin to redefine their recruitment and onboarding processes.