Customer Success Story: California Baptist University

Digital Transformation with California Baptist UniversityCalifornia Baptist University campus

California Baptist University has a small human resources team. With only three full-time and one part-time employee supporting 600 staff and 600 faculty, easing administrative burden through digitization isn’t a question, but a necessity. Cal Baptist has been a PeopleAdmin customer since 2014, when they implemented Applicant Tracking System to support recruitment and hiring.

Shawna Benson, Administrative Support Specialist, Information Technology Services, works closely with the HR team at Cal Baptist to ensure their workflows and systems are working smoothly.

“ATS works great for us,” Shawna said. “In the early years, we worked really hard on getting our workflows set up the way we needed—some of them are unique and are huge time-savers. For instance, hiring an adjunct faculty member is a slightly different process, but we didn’t have to implement a completely different workflow. Instead, it’s just a few separate questions that don’t come up for a full-time [faculty] hire.”

A complete digital transformation

The university is working towards a complete digital transformation, encompassing all processes from hire to retire. In pursuit of this goal, Cal Baptist launched both Employee Records and Performance Management in the last several years.

Cal Baptist is using Performance Management in a unique way. Once a year, they “turn on” the module to complete annual performance reviews. “We went from a Word document process to using Performance Management, and it’s much easier now for people to know what they need to do and keep track of things,” said Shawna. “It’s been a huge improvement to have so many options and have consistency.”

Employee Records has also been a positive change for Shawna and the HR team she supports. Knowing that PeopleAdmin could support onboarding processes made it an easy choice to stick with one software provider and continue to build a human resources software ecosystem.

Quote: Before, everything was on paper. We knew we needed to change—having new employees fill out paperwork was so outdated.“Before, everything was on paper. We knew we needed to change—having new employees fill out paperwork was so outdated,” Shawna noted. “The checklist feature is especially helpful for human resources. Previously, they were emailing information constantly and now, it’s an automated email reminder.”

Now, Cal Baptist is working on implementing Position Management to further simplify workflows between creating position descriptions and the rest of the hiring process for even more time savings on every hiring process.

Tips for other users

Shawna participated in PeopleAdmin’s Certified Administrator Training, and recommends it to other users—especially IT professionals like her who offer support to other users across campus.

“I learned a lot of little tips and tricks, and going through the training was a great way to see the possibilities of the platform.”

Shawna is training a new member of her team right now and it’s been helpful to use all the documentation from her Certified Admin training to make sure they get all the necessary knowledge.

Shawna’s other tip for PeopleAdmin users is to examine business practices. “Before you want to make any changes, make sure that you knowcalifornia baptist university logo your university’s business practices,” she recommended. “Get them written out and documented thoroughly, so you know exactly what is supposed to happen when, and that way, you can design your workflows to match those best practices.”

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