Customer Success Story: Linn-Benton Community College

How a PeopleAdmin upgrade helped Linn-Benton Community College tell its story.

In the last year, as many HigherEd institutions dove into digital transformation to improve their workflows, increase efficiency, and respond to an increasingly digital way of work, Linn-Benton Community College saw an opportunity to do the same.

An employer candidates want to work for

Linn-Benton’s HR team was using an older version of PeopleAdmin, and they felt it wasn’t advertising open jobs in the best way it could.

“The employment opportunities page was cumbersome to navigate and not very inviting,” said Laurie LeRiche, HR generalist at Linn-Benton. “We didn’t feel that job applicants were having the best experience, and we were having a hard time attracting interest in our positions.”

The Linn-Benton team knew that they wanted to stick with PeopleAdmin. Working with a project manager, they realized that there was a lot more they could get out the platform and the applicant portal by upgrading with the team’s help.

An efficient, professional process

To launch the new Mobile Applicant Portal, Laurie and her team worked with their PeopleAdmin project manager to organize the process, and collaborated with the PeopleAdmin implementation team to build out the new portal.

“The team we worked with were very patient and proficient at what they did,” noted Laurie. “Once we decided to create this new applicant portal and submitted our plan, it was completed very quickly.”

For other institutions looking to customize their applicant portal, Laurie recommends looking at the sites of other PeopleAdmin users. There are countless personalization options, and seeing the variety of designs can offer inspiration.

Telling a story

The new mobile-friendly applicant portal is an exciting upgrade. The part that appealed most to the Linn-Benton HR team was that they could personalize it. The site is now customized with Linn-Benton’s logo and colors, and includes resources like a summary of the institution and photos of the campus and students. The portal also text boxes that highlight the school’s mission, core values, and close-knit community, all making the candidate experience more appealing to a potential applicant.

So far, the feedback about the new application site has been positive. Users have noted that the page is professional, thoughtful, and easy to navigate.

The biggest benefit Linn-Benton sees is the opportunity to really show candidates who they are: a cutting-edge community college where employees can make a real difference in students’ lives. “We are hoping the upgrade helps applicants understand who we are, and that we are an employer they would want to work for,” says Laurie.


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