How HigherEd Talent Management Teams Bring Empowerment

‘In my job in HR, I feel like I’m empowering people to do their best work’

To successfully advance their institutional mission, colleges and universities need well-supported, focused, and resourceful talent management teams.

“Our institution’s mission is to teach students and prepare them to do a job. And in order to do that you have to recruit people that can teach these students the proper things,” said Tyra Phillips, Applicant Tracking Coordinator at the University of Central Arkansas. “PeopleAdmin gives us the tools to do that and to recruit the best possible faculty.”

Like the University of Central Arkansas, more than 700 higher education institutions use PeopleAdmin solutions to empower talent management teams to focus on the tasks that most influence their institutional mission, rather than cumbersome, documentation-heavy administrative processes.

“In my job in HR, I feel like I’m empowering people to do their best work,” said Daniel Linton, assistant director of human resources at the University of Memphis. “And PeopleAdmin makes that a lot easier.”

The University of Memphis uses Position Management to empower faculty

The University of Memphis uses Position Management—PeopleAdmin’s automated position management solution—to ensure employees obtain the skills and knowledge needed to achieve the institutional mission.“We recently added training requirements to certain position descriptions, so employees know from day one that they’re expected to take this class or that class,” Daniel said. “It can be a requirement from HR or a requirement from their department supervisor, and we’re tracking all of that in [Position Management].”


The University of Memphis uses Performance Management to empower faculty

At Appalachian State University, Emily Wilson, assistant director of learning and organizational development, uses Performance Management—PeopleAdmin’s automated performance management solution—to reduce documentation burdens and create a mission-focused evaluation process that empowers employee engagement and retention.

“Employees stay because they believe in the mission and want to contribute to it,” Emily explained. “We encourage employees and supervisors to set goals related to the mission of the institution because it’s important for everyone to remember what we stand for, and doing so helps us retain mission-driven talent.”

Overall, PeopleAdmin helps higher education talent management professionals and supervisors involved in hiring, managing, developing, and retaining employees streamline complex workflows and processes so they can focus on what really matters.

“I’ve partnered with PeopleAdmin at every institution that I’ve been at, and they have a time-tested and proven solution for higher ed,” said Brian K. Dickens, Ph.D., Vice President of Human Resources at Ithaca College.

“Once you start thinking about a new talent management system, you can’t have that conversation without PeopleAdmin at the forefront.”

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