Texas State University

‘The faculty, deans, and chairs are all on board with the system’

To hire and retain diverse and talented faculty, colleges and universities must develop a fair, consistent, and defensible hiring process, but high faculty applicant volume can make that challenging.
“We currently have 55 faculty job searches,” said Lyndi Wittekiend, faculty employment manager at Texas State University.

To better manage their faculty hiring process and ensure each applicant has a fair opportunity, Texas State University uses PeopleAdmin’s Applicant Tracking System to simplify the collection of equal employment opportunity (EEO) data and streamline search committee activities.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) allows search committee members to have immediate access to applicant materials to make sound hiring decisions. “I was extremely excited to implement the electronic recruitment system for faculty hiring,” she said. “We have simplified and automated the process for applicants and committee members.”

In addition to empowering search committee members to effectively manage an unbiased selection process, Texas State University tracks key EEO metrics to ensure veterans and other protected classes are represented appropriately. Using ATS, Lyndi provides candidates with an electronic experience that streamlines the collection of voluntarily provided information, such as veteran status.

“The veteran employment goal for state agencies in Texas is 20 percent, which is a constant challenge because the information is self-reported,” Lyndi said. “For those who do identify as veterans, it’s much easier to monitor and improve that figure now that we’re using an applicant tracking solution.

“Prior to the applicant tracking system, we requested EEO data via mail after applicants applied. With the new system, we have improved the EEO response rate while eliminating the costs associated with the paper process.” Overall, Lyndi believes an electronic application process allows her institution to more easily identify diverse and talented faculty who can help advance her institution’s mission to pursue “excellence in serving the educational needs of the diverse population of Texas and the world beyond.”

“It’s definitely improved our faculty hiring process,” Lyndi said. “And the faculty, deans, and chairs are all on board with the system, which is great.”

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