Customer Success Story: Western University of Health Sciences

Tackling Change and Growth with Western University of Health Sciences

At Western University of Health Sciences, the human resources and IT teams didn’t miss a beat when COVID-19 hit and colleges and universities across the country were forced to pivot to remote and hybrid models. With PeopleAdmin’s help, WesternU utilized Employee Records to virtualize their face-to-face onboarding process, allowing the HR team to continue hiring the best applicants and getting them up to speed, even when they couldn’t come to campus. Employee Records has also helped the WesternU team with processes for existing employees. NeeCee Cornish, the Associate Vice President of IT & Deputy Chief Operating Officer of WesternU, says “PeopleAdmin’s records functionality has allowed us to gather important documents electronically and securely.” They also make frequent use of the platform’s dynamic reporting capabilities. As NeeCee noted, “PeopleAdmin has a robust reporting tool that we currently use to help provide time-in-queue metrics to campus leadership.” Keeping key stakeholders informed is a vital part of making data-driven decisions, and PeopleAdmin’s reporting tools are designed to offer actionable insights to every member of campus.

Digital transformation

Alongside countless other schools, Western University of Health Sciences has embraced the digital transformation with these changes. When choosing a software provider that could fulfill the needs of the university, said NeeCee Cornish, WesternU “chose PeopleAdmin because it offered a complete solution with seamless transitions from position management to posting, applicant tracking, and onboarding.” A cohesive system is important to NeeCee’s team, allowing for seamless data integrations and simplified processes.

Workflow customization and flexibility also factored into WesternU’s choice of PeopleAdmin. “PeopleAdmin understands that every college and university is unique, and allowed WesternU to design workflows that worked for our institutional processes,” said NeeCee. “Because PeopleAdmin also understands that universities change, we know that at any time we can work with PeopleAdmin to adjust our processes.”

Growing alongside an institution’s needs

NeeCee’s team is taking advantage of that opportunity for change and growth right now. “We are beginning to review our existing workflows with the goal of making improvements and streamlining for efficiency,” NeeCee commented. “We have engaged in several workflow discussions where PeopleAdmin’s expertise has been helpful, allowing us to be more thoughtful about the potential implications that can occur when making changes.”

A partnership

As an IT leader at WesternU, NeeCee also appreciates the innovation that drives PeopleAdmin’s product team. “PeopleAdmin continues to make improvements to their product based on customer feedback. Many improvements are implemented seamlessly,” NeeCee noted. “We appreciate that if at any time we are ready to turn on a new feature, PeopleAdmin will work with us and guide us on best practices based on our unique set up.” Partnering closely with customers like WesternU and ensuring that we understand their needs is a core element of PeopleAdmin’s mission.

Advice for PeopleAdmin customers

When asked for tips she would offer to other PeopleAdmin customers, NeeCee focused on the benefits she received from Certified Administrator Training. “I recommend having your systems experts participate in the PeopleAdmin Certified Administrator Program,” NeeCee said. “Having this certification not only gives you deep insight into how the various modules work and connect with each other, but it allows you to help your institution utilize the system efficiently, communicate effectively with PeopleAdmin when requesting changes, and puts some of the control in your hands in terms of customizing PeopleAdmin for your campus.”


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