Customer Success Story: Rutgers University

“Institutions can make things so complex, but PeopleAdmin makes it simple.”


When Hernández S. Hicks, Director of Talent Acquisition/ HR Consulting, joined Rutgers University, they had been using PeopleAdmin for several years. However, Hernandez had experience with PeopleAdmin at several institutions, had gone through Certified Admin Training, and had a deep understanding of the solution and how to make it work for each organization’s specific needs. With his experience as a “power user,” Hernandez saw areas of opportunity to make an even bigger impact on Rutgers’ hiring and onboarding processes.

He began by re-evaluating the university’s workflows at a holistic level to identify areas that could be improved, duplicated steps, integrations that could make processes easier, and enable the team to work smarter – not harder.

Hernandez also brought a wealth of experience training internal users on PeopleAdmin and saw another opportunity to streamline the training process by creating a digital, simulation training that allows users to learn the platform in a safe environment.

“Some tools can be so complex. PeopleAdmin makes it simple to grasp,” said Hernández. “That delivers a better experience for internal customers and applicants. It’s very straightforward and easy to use.”

Smoother Processes that Save Time and Money

As explained by Hernández, Rutgers University has gained several benefits by partnering with PeopleAdmin. By streamlining the process, they have been able to prevent the human error so common in manual processes, improve departmental organization, and enhances the structure of their operations.

Rutgers has also been able to save money and time with PeopleAdmin. Aside from the high potential for error, manual reporting and data manipulation takes a lot of time and costs hours of employee resources. With PeopleAdmin’s analytics and reporting, the Rutgers HR team has all of the information they need to make strategic decisions in one place.

“Our data is in one, centralized place. It’s easy to access and gives us the intel we need to make better decisions for the organization. The setup makes it simple to know what you’re looking for, get the data at a glance, and get back to the job at hand,” noted Hernández.

By integrating with various job boards, the team is able to post positions faster – and actually save money on advertising in the process. Plus, it enables job advertising for all Rutgers campuses, consolidating all recruiting tasks into a single platform for hassle-free hiring.

With faster processes and clear visibility of status at every step, Rutgers is able to provide a better applicant experience. Previously, Hernández says they could experience issues with candidates not receiving any response on their application for months. Now, it’s easier to automate communications, know where applicants are in the process, identify any issues, and resolve them quickly.

Identifying Custom Needs Leads to Strong Partnership

Hernández believes that today’s colleges and universities can improve their talent acquisition processes, thanks to platforms like PeopleAdmin. He recommends looking at every single feature and module that PeopleAdmin offers to take advantage of every capability.

Additionally, taking the time to review your workflows helps in identifying duplicate steps, which causes wasted resources.

“PeopleAdmin will meet you where you are, so strive to create a custom solution according to your workflows and needs,” explained Hernández.

He also notes that PeopleAdmin’s support and service have been responsive, and even helped Rutgers navigate a new course when the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

“During COVID-19, PeopleAdmin helped a lot. We went through a hiring freeze, but were able to quickly gauge which departments had open positions and work with department heads on next steps,” said Hernández. “With court closures, we also weren’t able to conduct our background checks as thoroughly. We had to relax the requirements and were able to easily create new workflows to support our new process.”

As Hernandez and the Rutgers team prepare for the “new normal,” PeopleAdmin will help them respond to any future changes.

“The PeopleAdmin team is available, accessible, and has your best interest at heart. There is a partner relationship, they work with you to find solutions to meet your needs,” said Hernández.

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