Are onboarding processes driving away higher education’s employees?

To achieve their institutional mission, colleges and universities must attract and retain talented employees, but ineffective onboarding processes often hinder that effort.

“A lot of institutions struggle with early retention and engagement,” said Andrea Brown, Director of HR services at the University of Utah. “New employees often don’t get enough guidance.”


New hires are often dissatisfied with their onboarding experience

40% of employees believe time and money are wasted on ineffective onboarding

Common Reasons Faculty and Staff Resign:

  • Poor on-the-job training
  • No overview of company policies
  • No mentorship


Higher education institutions can’t afford to needlessly lose talented faculty and staff.

Young professionals under the age of 35 who join higher education institutions stay in their jobs for an average of only 20 months.

Total applicant volume across all higher education job postings decreased by 6 percent from 2014 to 2015.

Recruiting a new engineering or science professor costs between $110,000 to nearly $1.5 million.


Onboarding can improve retention.

Employees who attend a well-structured onboarding program are 69% more likely to remain with that employer for up to 3 years.

Employee Records–the automated onboarding solution from PeopleAdmin–leads to a 25% reduction in time to onboard, giving colleges and universities the opportunity to focus on providing a positive new hire experience that encourages engagement and retention.

“We replaced our paper-based new hire process with Onboard, where everything’s 100% electronic. Our new hires love it. They keep telling us: ‘Wow! That was so easy!’”


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