Looking Ahead to 2022

College or university students walking down a long hallwayWhat’s next for higher education in 2022?

For higher education, 2021 was a year of embracing technology and digitization, understanding the importance of data, improving student services, and increasing the focus on supporting and retaining faculty and staff. Take a look back at the challenges and solutions of 2021 and how you can set your institution up for success in 2022.

Embracing Digital Innovation

Innovation has been the name of the game in HigherEd for the past 18 months. Colleges and universities pivoted their operations online with almost no notice in 2020, and have spent 2021 pursuing innovation in both digital education and digital work. The edtech industry is booming as demand for digital learning tools increases—both for online learning and for in-person curriculum enrichment. On the administrative and staff side, institutions are embracing AI in their recruiting processes, developing virtual onboarding programs, and digitizing back-office processes using federal grant funds. Check out this on-demand webinar about navigating the digital transformation to kick off your 2022 with the right innovation mindset.

This year, PeopleAdmin was recognized by Ellucian for its commitment to innovation – read the announcement here and learn more about our innovation in our on-demand sessions from our annual conference, PeopleConnect Live!

Harnessing Data

Many HigherEd institutions are learning about the importance of harnessing data and embracing analytics. According to Boston Consulting Group, capturing andQuote: Data insights are key to shifting your focus to student outcomes. analyzing data “is critical to discovering and unlocking opportunities to improve student outcomes and operations.” Data insights are key to shifting your focus to student outcomes, and breaking down data silos on campus means that different departments can work together to tackle challenges. Strategic, data-based decisions that take your whole campus into account are the future of higher education.

PeopleAdmin announced an integration partnership with Enflux this year to power institution’s understanding of student success. Listen to the EdLuminaries podcast or watch this webinar to gain insight into the intersection of faculty activity and student outcomes.

Tackling the Great Resignation

The great resignation impacted all industries this past summer. Fortunately, there are tools available that helped institutions rise to the challenge. From building a recruitment marketing strategy and maintaining an internal candidate pipeline to digitizing performance management and managing staff shortages, HigherEd HR teams found solutions to keep their institutions running. The impact of the great resignation will continue into the 2022 hiring season, so take a look at our strategies to win the war for talent and check out on-demand sessions about recruitment marketing and talent acquisition from PeopleConnect Live.

Quote: In 2022, your institution can harness technology to take a closer look at the student journey.Improving Student Services

College students are struggling this year more than ever before. It’s becoming clear that colleges and universities need to focus on student support, whether that means personalized academic support or expanded and accessible mental health services. From adaptive learning to mobile counseling services, focusing on student success takes the efforts of the full campus—faculty, staff, and administrators. In 2022, your institution can harness technology to take a closer look at the student journey.

Supporting Faculty

Faculty are vital to any higher education institution. 2021 was the year of learning about faculty burnout, and 2022 is the year to put your faculty first. Faculty at many institutions have adapted to digital change with little prior training or support, but institutions have found that there are many ways to empower faculty to embrace change and new technology. Colleges and universities have made faculty a priority with professional development and learning, reduced administrative burden, and seamless tenure processes. Watch our on-demand session about faculty change management from PeopleConnect Live to learn how you can get your faculty on board with the digital transformation in the new year.

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