Simplify your Promotion and Tenure Process 

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For years, institutions have required faculty members to create huge binders to apply for promotion and tenure. This process leaves room for error as well as introduces potential security risks. Watch this on-demand webinar to find out how you can more easily manage data, activity, as well as promotion and tenure workflows.

Learn how Faculty Information System: 

  • Removes the time-consuming task of administrators, deans, and leadership tracking, compiling, and reporting on faculty activity 
  • Works as a centralized hub for all faculty data and activities by offering a platform for the full lifecycle of faculty from hiring and onboarding, professional development, to achieving a promotion and tenure 
  • Provides actionable analytics and dashboards to make educated decisions 
  • Utilizes a modern and intuitive interface that doesn’t require hours of additional training  

FIS executes these critical functions to ensure your faculty have time to focus on research, teaching, and service. 

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