The Intersection of Faculty Activity and Student Outcomes On Demand

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The Intersection of Faculty Activity and Student Outcomes

Learn how Academic Affairs can leverage technology to:

  • Boost curriculum quality and student performance by identifying gaps and at-risk students.
  • Create direct line-of-sight into faculty workload balanced between teaching, research, and service, tied to any impact on student outcomes.
  • Automatically pull data into one centralized system of intelligence full of actionable insights and hassle-free accreditation reporting.

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“It’s exciting to have faculty business processes that we can learn from.”

– Ginger Jurecka Blake, Director of Organizational Development & Training, State University of New York at New Paltz

Your faculty have the single biggest impact on student experience and outcomes at your institution. Yet faculty activity is difficult to measure, and challenging to directly correlate to student success.

Discover how technology can help you measure your faculty and curriculum effectiveness, and connect your faculty activities to student outcomes for a holistic, data-rich view of campus activity.

Guest Speakers:

Alejandra Zertuche

CEO, Enflux

Colin Vonvorys


Hi Leva

CRO, Enflux

Rishi Rana

General Manager, PeopleAdmin

Danielle Brown Becka

Director of Product Management, PeopleAdmin