On Demand Webinar: 5 Ways to Maximize Your Impact in a New Academic Year

5 Ways to Maximize Your Impact in a New Academic Year

Boost efficiencies at your college or university with insight on tackling HigherEd’s latest challenges:

  • Learn how to amplify recruitment marketing initiatives to help attract quality candidates  

  • Discover tools that boost efficiencies in talent management, ensuring equitable and transparent processes   

  • Gain insight on optimizing faculty, curriculum effectiveness, and academic planning through digitization

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Hear from HigherEd Leaders and Solution Experts

The start of a new academic year means new opportunities to make an impact across all areas of campus. HR, IT, and academic affairs teams at have the potential to shape staff, faculty, and student outcomes by continuously improving talent management and academic planning processes, but it’s often difficult to know where to start.

When you attend this webinar, you’ll learn helpful tips on navigating top-of-mind challenges facing HigherEd. Experts and leaders will share best practices and innovative tools to help your HR and administrative teams improve efficiencies across campus and make smarter decisions. 


Melissa Davis
Training Consultant, PeopleAdmin

Lucas Del Priore
Product Manager, PeopleAdmin

Omarion Jalloh, MBA
Associate VP, Of
fice of Human Resources, Howard Community College

Kendell Middlebrook
Solutions Engineer, PeopleAdmin

Ircka West
Solutions Engineer, PeopleAdmin

Moderated By:

Courtney Prato
Senior Director, Solution Marketing, PeopleAdmin