Integrating Confidence in Your Hiring Process

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Integrating Confidence in Your Hiring Process

Discover how integrating background checks and I-9 verification into your process can improve your hiring confidence:

  • 57% report background checks lead to better quality of hires
  • 85% find misrepresentations on resumes and applications
  • 77% say background screening uncovered issues that wouldn’t have been caught otherwise

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“The colleges and schools can recruit in the manner that works best for them, and the applicant experience is smooth.”

– Daniel Linton, Assistant Director of Human Resources at the University of Memphis

In the face of “the great resignation,” HigherEd institutions are hiring and backfilling at an increased rate, and looking to simplify their process to improve time-to-hire.

One key way to simplify your hiring workflows, boost recruiting efficiencies, and improve the candidate experience is with integrated background checks and I-9 verification.

This crucial step also brings increase confidence in your hiring decisions, helping to uncover inconsistencies or issues that might otherwise have slipped through.

Managing these workflows directly from PeopleAdmin makes onboarding as easy as possible. Our partners at HireRight provide a flexible solution that empowers your team to create an award-winning candidate experience.

Watch now to discover how you can streamline your hiring processes and boost your hiring confidence.

Guest Speakers:

Tyra Malone

Director of Strategic Alliances at HireRight

Gabby Cortez

PMP Sales Engineer HireRight

Danielle Brown Becka

Director of Product Management, PeopleAdmin