5 Trends to Watch in 2020

On-Demand Webinar  

As 2019 comes to an end, many colleges and universities are looking to 2020 to optimize their processes across campus—which trends will be most impactful and drive the results that lead to positive change? Watch this free on-demand webinar to find out how interoperable technology can better connect your campus and save you time and money. Learn how leading institutions are integrating their systems and maximizing their investments and what best practices you can put in place to start 2020 off on a strong note.  
We will discuss:

  • How to stop drowning in paperwork and digitally streamline your processes and workflows  
  • How to meet mandatory compliance needs and deal with changing regulations such as FLSA compliance requirements 
  • How to prevent duplicate and bad data from slowing down your workflows   
  • The importance of continuous learning and how to systematically measure and monitor progress   
  • How technology can help prepare your campus for accreditation processes   

With connectors that enable real-time analytics, mobile capabilities, and compliance dashboards, institution leaders can easily use insights to drive actionable data-oriented results and empower the higher education mission.
Join us for a free on-demand webinar with PeopleAdmin leadership and product experts on what’s to come in 2020.   

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