Helping you Respond to The Need for Digitization and Real-Time Data Exchange

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Tired of entering data into separate systems every time you create a new position description, post a new job, or hire a new employee? Are you struggling to perform analysis across disparate systems?

Find out how you can empower more effective hiring, onboarding, position management, professional development, and retention through interoperability, efficiency, and innovation.

Within a platform that speaks to all areas of your institution, our powerful analytics dashboards provide data at your fingertips in real-time. The entire HigherEd Platform provides out-of-the-box single sign-on, mobile access, and multiple portals for employees and administrators.

In this webinar, learn how the PeopleAdmin HigherEd Platform:  

  • Is the only HigherEdspecific interoperable platform with out-of-the-box connectors that enable bi-directional data integration of all systems and processes related to hire, onboard, mobilize, develop, promote, instruct, and reward talent
  • Can connect your outside systems such as HRIS, ERP, background checks, job boards, reference checks, and I-9 verification services.
  • Provides actionable analytics and dashboards to make educated decisions 
  • Automates your institution’s complex, time-consuming tasks allowing them to get back to what matters – the faculty, staff, and students   

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