North Central College

‘Implementing Employee Records made things a lot more efficient in ways we could actually quantify’

Higher education talent management teams often struggle to secure necessary resources to invest in new technology unless the value is so obvious, leadership immediately buys in.

That’s what happened when John Acardo, assistant Vice President for Human Resources at North Central College, sought to purchase Employee Records—the automated recordkeeping and process management solution from PeopleAdmin.

“It was an easy sell because [Employee] Records is very cost-effective,” John said. “It was not something that would rock the budget, and it made things a lot more efficient in ways we could actually quantify.”

The increased efficiencies came in the form of time savings from automating paper-based processes, such as new hire onboarding.

“Originally, we were just looking for a solution that could help us streamline some of our onboarding tasks—like new hire paperwork and documentation,” John said. “We were very interested in Employee Records from that perspective because we could create a checklist that allowed an employee to become immersed in our college’s culture.”

That checklist has proven instrumental in reducing the time it takes new hires to complete their necessary ‘paperwork’—which they’re now able to complete at home, before their first day.

“We transitioned from sending new hires a PDF to sending them a note through the Applicant Tracking System triggering the onboarding paperwork checklist,” John explained. “We reduced the wait time from employees completing their paperwork and returning it from several days or weeks to literally hours.”

But the benefits of Employee Records didn’t end with improved onboarding.

“We’ve streamlined so many of our processes,” John said. “And having digital forms just adds to the accountability level because they’re so much easier to track. With paper forms, you never really know where they are. Now, we have a trail we can follow.”
Overall, John believes Employee Records has allowed his team to meet the goal so many higher education talent management teams are tasked with: doing more with less.

“We’re able to handle a lot more volume,” John said. “And we can track it and ensure we’re not losing crucial pieces of information.”

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