Appalachian State University

“Our new hires love it. They keep telling us: ‘Wow! That was so easy!’

Leaders at Appalachian State University (App State) in Boone, North Carolina, understand the importance of providing a positive experience to new hires, which is why they implemented Employee Records—the automated onboarding solution from PeopleAdmin.

“We replaced our paper-based new hire process with [Employee Records], where everything’s 100 percent electronic,” said Nancy Crowell, assistant HR director for employment at App State. “Our new hires love it. They keep telling us: ‘Wow! That was so easy!’”
By moving to an electronic onboarding process, Nancy and her team ensure new hires spend their initial time with the university focusing on important tasks, rather than filling out forms.

“We receive their new hire ‘paperwork’ before they actually start, which is a big plus,” Nancy explained. “It allows us to make sure we have the time we need to set up their access with other systems at the university.”

Employee Records also allows Nancy to easily monitor the progress of new hires as they move through the onboarding process. “We’re able to track who’s completed what, and the system allows us to send out reminders,” Nancy said. “We can also see when people haven’t completed all the required forms by a certain date — that’s been a big plus.”

Employee Records even empowers greater intradepartmental collaboration at App State. “We’ve added in certain forms — like parking and traffic and ID — to our workflows, so we can easily send that information to the appropriate offices,” Nancy said. “[Employee Records] has really helped us bring other departments into the workflow.” While Nancy is already excited about how the onboarding process at App State has transformed, she’s even more excited to see what future use of the solution can accomplish.

“I’m really happy with [Employee Records], but I also feel like we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg,” Nancy said. “I feel like it can do so much more.”

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