Customer Success Story: North Carolina State University

Collaborating on custom processes with NC State

North Carolina State University has been working with PeopleAdmin since 2007. After 15 years of partnership, NC State is adding two new integrations with its Applicant Tracking System to further support virtual hiring. We spoke with Ryan Bernaduci, Director of HR Information Management and Workforce Analytics, to hear about the process.

“We have been working with ATS and Position Management since the beginning. With the new integrations of Sparkhire and Skill Survey, we’re looking forward to offering an even more streamlined and cohesive applicant experience,” says Ryan. The integrations will also be beneficial to the NC State talent acquisition team and to hiring managers. With automated reference checks and easy video interviewing, the new connectors will take some weight off the talent acquisition team, relieving administrative work so they can focus on strategy. In addition, hiring managers will now have more insight into applicants and their qualifications.

Ryan noted that his office believes that modern recruitment processes are going to include video interviews going forward. “COVID sparked us to think about virtual interview processes, and helped us realize we didn’t want to go back to the way things were,” Ryan said. “We wanted to rethink our processes going forward, and we know video interviews will be key.”


In addition to the new integrations, NC State’s HR team decided to update and streamline their forms and workflows in both ATS and Position Management. They identified some process gaps and opportunities for improvement to speed up hiring and to improve faculty recruitment and retention. To make these changes in their highly customized platform, the team worked closely with PeopleAdmin experts.
Ryan noted that this opportunity for customization is what drew NC State to PeopleAdmin in the first place. “PeopleAdmin is more cost-effective than the other platforms, and the other companies typically don’t allow you the same level of configuration or customization,” says Ryan. “We wanted more control over the hiring environment and the design for our users, and PeopleAdmin gave us that, from workflows to a branded applicant portal.”

The feedback so far from the updates implemented by Ryan and his team has been positive. Users are grateful that they no longer have to duplicate their efforts by filling in the same fields over and over, or put in the same information on multiple forms. “It’s hard to measure time savings on something like this, but these processes are taking roughly three days or less to turn around,” Ryan said. “People are getting through the workflows quicker, whether that’s because they have to spend less time on the forms or because they know the process is less frustrating, so they’re more likely to dive in and get it done.”

Working with PeopleAdmin

Ryan had some good advice about his experience with the HigherEd platform: be careful of over-complicating your system with customizations.

“When we first launched our platform in 2011, there were so many voices and partners on campus that we wanted to cater to, and we ended up trying to please too many people,” said Ryan. “Make sure that you’re balancing your business needs and the needs of your campus partners—you can’t serve everybody, because then you aren’t following best practices and you can over-complicate things.” Ryan recommends building a good rapport with your implementation team.

“Strong communication helped us with this update,” Ryan said. “We’re able to communicate what we’re trying to achieve, and get there thanks to collaboration.”


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