Customer Success Story: College of the Mainland

How College of Mainland dramatically reduced the administrative burden of hiring and onboarding talent

Like many higher education institutions, Texas-based College of the Mainland experienced delays in its hiring due to time-consuming, manual processes.

We sat down with Andrea Crucian, MBA, PHR, the Senior Human Resources Business Partner at College of the Mainland, to find out how partnering with PeopleAdmin has changed the way they approach hiring processes.

Increasing Hiring and Recruitment Efficiency

“People Admin definitely improves turnaround time; getting away from paper in and of itself speeds up the process,” Andrea says. “Before digitizing, we would have to spend time walking that paper around and trying to track it down. After sending it off if I hadn’t gotten an update, I would have to start calling around to see who had it or where it was. With PeopleAdmin you know exactly where everything is in the workflow.”

The PeopleAdmin platform creates a single source of truth, so workflow assignments are automated, status and any delays are immediately visible, and robust analytics help identify trends and areas of opportunity. By freeing up HR from repetitive, manual data entry and administrative tasks, the department can focus more on impactful efforts, such as engaging candidates, new hires, staff and faculty.

“From HR’s perspective, we can always check where the position/candidate/hiring proposal is, which helps us stay on top of things,” Andrea explains. “Instead of following up with multiple departments, VPs and department chairs, PeopleAdmin automatically assigns the workflows for us. This has helped us streamline the process and improve turnaround times.”

Involving Others in HR Workflows

Creating custom workflows has also allowed College of the Mainland’s HR team to incorporate other leaders and subject matter experts from across campus into the hiring process.

“Working with PeopleAmin made it possible to involve others, so HR isn’t managing every single step,” said Andrea. “When we were on paper, things moved much slower. Now HR can monitor where things stand and push where needed. That has allowed us to hire much faster.”

Minimizing the Impact of COVID-19 on HR Processes

Digital HR workflows with PeopleAdmin allowed College of the Mainland to continue operations with minimal impact after the COVID-19 pandemic limited face-to-face engagement.

“We didn’t have to change much because it was all done through software and we already had electronic workflows in place,” Andrea explains. “This put us in a good position to continue with our work, with minimal loss of time, because everything is processed electronically.”

Partnering with PeopleAdmin has enabled College of the Mainland to be more efficient, more effective, and leverage the strength of the institute to recruit, hire, onboard and develop top talent. Even in the face of a global pandemic that changed the way we all work, they are set up for success and armed to respond to an unknown future.


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