Customer Success Story: Cleveland Community College

Highlighting People: How PeopleAdmin Helped Cleveland Community College Focus On Their Best Resource

When it came to hiring and onboarding new employees, Cleveland Community College could sum up the process in one word: paperwork! Seeking a solution to streamline the process, they turned to PeopleAdmin for help—and they haven’t looked back since. With efficient, organized processes designed for people, not paper, PeopleAdmin’s services have allowed Cleveland Community College to cut down on filling out forms and spend more time forming great employee relationships. And when the college was forced to quickly adapt to a remote work environment during the COVID-19 pandemic, PeopleAdmin’s services were more valuable than ever.

Drowning in Paper and Excel Spreadsheets

“Before partnering with PeopleAdmin,” Cleveland Community College’s HR Director explains, “our Human Resources office was drowning in paper.”

Each aspect of hiring new applicants, onboarding new employees, and managing existing files required separate forms, stacks of paper applications, and handwritten notes. To keep it organized, Cleveland Community College relied heavily on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. With hundreds of employees and a steady stream of new hires, that quickly meant a lot of Excel spreadsheets.

Manual data entry and deciphering hand-written forms was time-consuming for the HR team and took away from supporting their colleagues. The HR Director explains, “We were spending more time with paperwork and manual processes than we were with our new hires and current employees.” In other words, Human Resources was losing valuable time with its most valuable resource—people.

Tired of being underwater with excessive paperwork, Cleveland Community College sought an alternative. They wanted a way to streamline their process of bringing on new team members, onboarding them into the system, and keeping employee files organized and accessible. They compared several options, but Cleveland Community College was drawn to PeopleAdmin for its human-centered approach: rather than purchasing a platform and learning it on their own, a dedicated account executive from PeopleAdmin has supported them throughout the process. With their account team on hand to guide them through new connected solutions, Cleveland Community College has been able to set up for success in transforming their entire HR process.

People-Powered Processes for People-Centric Results

From the very beginning, Cleveland Community College has loved the personalized service they’ve received from PeopleAdmin. From day one, they explain, “our thoughts, concerns, and feedback mattered to PeopleAdmin.”

An appealing aspect of PeopleAdmin’s platform is the flexibility of the solution—each module can be tailored to meet the Cleveland Community College team’s needs, and they can integrate new solutions as needed. Their account team has been on hand to answer questions, explain new modules, and guide the team through the new systems. The Cleveland Community College team built such a great relationship with the PeopleAdmin team, they even completed several implementations weeks ahead of schedule.

With this user-friendly system, Cleveland Community College has been able to completely transform their processes. Whereas before each process was separate, from hiring to onboarding to performance reviews, PeopleAdmin has helped streamline everything into one place, on one platform.

“Since using PeopleAdmin, we have completely done away with our new hire packet, paper performance reviews, and paper applications.”

This has made it easier for the HR team to track employees, organize their files, and communicate with both applicants and employees. By saving time on all the paperwork, they are able to focus instead on what really matters: maintaining great relationships with the employees and students of Cleveland Community College.

The rewards are noticeable: everyone has responded positively to the easy, online benefits of PeopleAdmin’s system—applicants, new hires, and current employees alike. The streamlined approach has made work easier for the HR team, but the simple, convenient organization of forms and files has benefits for everyone.

Flexibility and Agility: Virtual Hiring and Onboarding During Covid-19

The benefits of online, paper-free personnel management became even clearer when the COVID-19 pandemic hit: Cleveland Community College rapidly adjusted to online learning, and the HR team was immediately tasked with managing the employee lifecycle from afar.

Since the HR processes had already moved online thanks to PeopleAdmin’s services, Cleveland Community College’s HR team transitioned to telework with minimal interruptions. PeopleAdmin’s remote support has also been invaluable: Cleveland Community College has appreciated the direct, regular support from their account team, as well as the free monthly webinars to take full advantage of the PeopleAdmin solution. The Support Chat feature has been especially useful: with instant support from a PeopleAdmin team member, friendly, efficient help is always a click away.

For the HR team at Cleveland Community College, the days of drowning in paperwork are over: PeopleAdmin has provided an entirely new way of hiring, onboarding, and managing personnel. By providing a people-powered approach to paperwork, PeopleAdmin has helped Cleveland Community College’s HR team do what they do best: support the people that make the college what it is with a focus on student outcomes.

The HR team is grateful for the support and expertise of the PeopleAdmin team, but what they really appreciate is the human touch. “We were not just sold a product and left to figure it out on our own.” By building a strong relationship between Cleveland Community College and PeopleAdmin, the HR team is ideally situated to support all their employees—through COVID-19, and beyond.

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