How 3 Universities Increased their Solution ROI

‘We’re taking our system beyond the basics of Applicant Tracking, Performance Management and Position Management’

College and university leaders seeking to maximize return on investment (ROI) in their talent management solutions are turning to a service so obvious, it’s often overlooked: solution training.

“Training has been a huge benefit. I’m using what I learned right now to do some enhancement projects. We’re taking our system beyond the basics of applicant tracking, performance management, and position management,” said Shannon Phillips, Assistant Director of Technology and Compensation Specialist at the University of Arkansas. “We’re going to take it to a whole new level.”

A report from Hobson & Company suggests higher education institutions can realize significant ROI by following Shannon’s lead and using the full spectrum of system features. According to the report,  institutions spend 75 percent less time obtaining faculty reference letters, increase productivity by 72 percent, reduce time spent managing position descriptions by 70 percent, and realize an overall cost savings of 28 percent — all by using the HigherEd Platform. But getting the most out of the system often means taking time to learn more about it.

Shannon and many others have learned that participating in the PeopleAdmin Certified Administrator Program training has been the key to maximizing their ROI and pushing the boundaries of what they thought was possible in the HigherEd Platform.
“There are so many ways to customize [the HigherEd Platform],” Shannon said. “Having that partnership with the Certified Administrator trainers and that background knowledge lets us take advantage of that.”

For Anthony Cross, HR consultant at Rutgers University, Certified Administrator Program training did bring one regret: that he didn’t take advantage of the benefits earlier.

“I wish I had gotten certified before implementation,” he said. “The knowledge base you get is amazing, and I became a lot more comfortable creating tickets and talking with support because I knew the language.”

In addition to simplifying communication with PeopleAdmin’s support team, Certified Administrator Program training often eliminates the need to contact them in the first place, reducing potential downtime. “Since I became a Certified Administrator and learned how everything works behind the scenes, I’ve been able to spot when an issue is a user error or when there’s a workaround I can develop,” said Alex Ortiz, Compliance Coordinator at the University of Kentucky. “It’s been very valuable to have that knowledge and in-depth training.”

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