Talent Management

Engage and empower your faculty and staff through a collaborative solution that helps define a path forward for skill development, ultimately driving the institutional mission through effective human capital management.


Seamless and Integrated Talent Management

Give institutions and individuals the ability to simultaneously evaluate goals and navigate a forward-looking plan for improved success, a defined learning path, and mutual outcomes. HR has visibility into every process, every step of the way. Integrations allow for a seamless connection between position descriptions, performance management, and professional learning paths so your evaluation processes and skill development paths are aligned. Ensure performance review programs reflect current organizational needs instead of just past performance review structures.

Features & Benefits

Position Management

A transparent, intelligent, configurable job classification system, position description library, and quality position framework are critical to an effective talent management strategy for any institution. Effortlessly maintain a compliant, comprehensive, single source of truth for position descriptions, classifications, and organizational structure with Position Management.

Performance Management

Elevate your employee’s effectiveness and increase employee engagement on your campus with an easy-to-use module that automates the technical aspects of employee development. Real-time analytics empower departments to design programs that meet their specific performance and development goals through data-driven evaluations to enable educator success, streamlined performance management processes, clarity of expectations and outcomes, and instant access from anywhere.

Employee Records

Enables compliance without the added stress of paper processes, freeing hiring managers and HR teams to focus on personalized communications and meaningful development-driven activities. With Employee Records, new employees are up to speed and ready to fill their roles quickly, so they can spend more time advancing the institution’s mission.

Professional Learning and Development

Deliver tailored learning while driving engagement and retention with PeopleAdmin’s Professional Development and Learning. Professional Development and Learning personalizes learning to target needs, simplifies professional development tracking, drives more learning, and makes learning social. While our focused analytics provide guidance to your institution’s learning. We offer a practical solution for planning, monitoring, and managing talent – so faculty can focus on growth, not paperwork.

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