PeopleAdmin Connections Newsletter Issue 17

What joining PeopleAdmin and PowerSchool means for colleges and universities

A letter from General Manager of Higher Education Rishi Rana

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By now, you’ve probably heard about PeopleAdmin joining the PowerSchool family — a plan that was first shared at our annual user conference in April and became official on August 1. I joined shortly before the completion of the acquisition, and my sole focus as General Manager of our higher education business is to make sure that you have the support, services and partnership you need to succeed.
It is an incredible honor for me to lead and serve this excellent organization that was started by great entrepreneurs 18 years ago to solve the talent management problems in government and higher education. Together with my team of researchers, developers, account owners, marketers, services professionals and support engineers — many of whom are the same folks you’ve relied on for the last 5, 10 and nearly 20 years — we have over 150 years’ experience serving higher education and are exclusively dedicated to serving colleges, universities and government institutions in ways we’ve never done before. We are proud to serve the needs of more than 6 million students, 700-plus institutions — including 300 public universities — over 700,000 faculty, and dozens of international universities.
As part of PowerSchool, a large education technology company, PeopleAdmin is better equipped than ever to serve you because we now have access to additional resources to expedite innovation and delivery of our higher education solutions.
We’re passionate about the opportunities ahead, realizing that the best work happens when you know that it’s not just work, but something that will improve other people’s lives — lives of staff, faculty, and students in higher education institutions. Many companies aspire to change the status quo, but very few have all the elements required: talent, resources, and perseverance to achieve. We sit on a great foundation to propel further success by:

  • Delivering best-of-breed solutions and enhancements to the platform and products you already use.
  • Applying years of intellectual learning via templatized best practices to drive efficiency, improve security and tailor our solutions to fit your unique challenges in HR and IT.
  • Strengthening our analytic capabilities using data processing and insight tools that have proven effective across our suite of solutions. With volumes of data collected over years, well not only draw inferences but will also suggest insights that help guide your decision-making.
  • Bridging gaps via innovative solutions to address the needs of staff, faculty, committees, and university system offices.
  • Expediting our ability to understand and respond to your challenges.
  • Improving continuity by connecting our higher education solutions and building agnostic frameworks to integrate seamlessly with various disparate, disconnected data flows of SIS, HRIS, and ERP systems.

I also want to reassure you that this will in no way hinder the great services and support you’ve come to expect from PeopleAdmin. In fact, I’m confident that over the next several months you’ll see that PeopleAdmin is better positioned than ever to meet the needs of higher education faculty, staff, administrators and talent management professionals.
I invite you to learn more about the new PeopleAdmin, a PowerSchool company, including our product roadmap, plans to respond to your emerging needs and market trends, ways we’ll remain independent from the K-12 side of our business, and how we’re expanding investments in your success by watching the webinar I hosted last month.
I sincerely believe that the best days of PeopleAdmin’s partnership with higher education have yet to come, and invite you to join us on this journey by sharing your thoughts with me via email or by engaging in one of our many customer engagement opportunities, detailed in the webinar.
I look forward to partnering with you,
Rishi Rana
General Manager, Higher Education


Introducing PeopleAdmin Activity
PeopleAdmin recently released Activity, a new faculty activity tracking solution, which makes it easy for colleges and universities to:

  • Understand, highlight and encourage faculty achievement.
  • Run accreditation reports.
  • Reduce faculty time spent maintaining curricula vitae (CVs) and dossiers.

Now, you can empower faculty to maintain accurate records and help administrators easily report on faculty activity from a single, integrated solution.
See how PeopleAdmin Activity can benefit your institution.

How technology supports Montana State’s position management strategy

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How effective position management supports inclusive recruitment

Colleges and universities often strive for inclusive recruitment practices, but many aren’t putting their best foot forward with underrepresented groups. Learn how an effective position management strategy can help you craft job postings that attract diverse, talented faculty and staff.

Reserve your copy of the 2018 TalentIndex
PeopleAdmin’s annual TalentIndex shares detailed information about higher education talent management trends, benchmarks and challenges, collected from system data and surveys of higher education leaders.
The report includes information useful for higher education leaders interested in:

  • Staff and faculty hiring data, including rates, time-to-fill and more.
  • Benchmarking institutional performance.
  • Identifying the biggest barriers to success.

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