PeopleAdmin Connections Newsletter Issue 16 16 the gap between human resources and academic affairs
According to the 2018 Higher Education TalentIndex, faculty recruitment is a top priority for colleges and universities in 2018.

  • Nearly 50% of higher education employees say faculty recruitment is their No. 1 priority.
  • 34% of institutions plan to increase full-time, tenure-track faculty.
  • 36% of colleges and universities plan to hire more adjunct faculty.

Many will struggle to accommodate the increased hiring volume.

  • 27% of institutions are not staffed to adequately handle faculty recruitment.
  • 70% plan to maintain or decrease faculty recruitment positions.

To attract quality faculty while maintaining fair, consistent and defensible recruiting and hiring practices in this challenging environment, human resources and academic affairs must work together — a task many human resources teams struggle with.

  • Only 54% of HR respondents feel they are effectively partnering with other departments.

Fortunately, technology can streamline faculty recruitment processes and increase collaboration.
“It’s working well,” said Sheila Mathis, academic services specialist at the University of Memphis, referring to her institution’s use of PeopleAdmin Hire in the faculty recruitment process. “The colleges and schools can recruit in the manner that works best for them, HR can monitor the whole process, and the candidate experience is smooth.”
Stay tuned for information on soon-to-be-released tools that empower faculty to hire, track and report on faculty activity from a single, integrated solution.
New product enhancements make it easier than ever for colleges and universities to create a positive employee experience

“Our goal was to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a casual user to get their work done, and make the solution easier to navigate.”

Creating a positive employee experience throughout the entire talent management life cycle is one of higher education talent management’s most important — and rewarding — responsibilities.
“Serving our customers inspires me,” said Ranae Covel, HR generalist at Aims Community College. “Anyone who calls HR is a customer, whether it’s another department within the college or applicants. And that inspires me to help people as quickly as I can and as thoroughly as I can with whatever question or problem they have.”
PeopleAdmin continuously enhances its higher education suite to eliminate roadblocks that prevent talent management teams from supporting the success of their institutions’ employees. The most recent enhancements include updates to the inbox, watchlist, shortcuts and navigation, which deliver a streamlined user experience.
“Our goal was to reduce the number of clicks it takes for a casual user to get their work done, and make the solution easier to navigate,” said Rebecca Reid, product leader at PeopleAdmin.
Now, when users log in to their solution, they will immediately see the entire contents of their inbox, eliminating the need to navigate to a separate page.
“All of your messages for every user group are available on the homepage,” said Benjamin Safford, product analyst at PeopleAdmin. “And when you click on a message, you will automatically switch to the appropriate user group, so you can quickly take action on that task.”
The new inbox also simplifies search committee activities.
“Search committee members will log in and immediately see which postings have applications they need to review,” Benjamin said.
Additionally, the homepage will display data visualizations that put key information at users’ fingertips as soon as they log in.
“We wanted to provide answers to some of the questions you’re asked most often — as soon as you log in,” Rebecca explained. “For example, ‘How many postings have we filled this month?’ or ‘How many search committees am I on right now?’
The users’ role as an administrator, applicant reviewer or approver determines which data visualization they see.
“If you’re logged in as a human resources user, you will see information specific to human resources. If you’re logged in as a search committee member you will see information specific to search committees,” Benjamin said.
The updated user experience also includes a watchlist that makes it easy to monitor postings with one obvious click, and a new shortcuts function that lets users configure their own shortcuts, as they would on most internet browsers.
Log in to your sandbox to preview the enhancements, which go live Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

Coming soon: Intuitive new features for your solution

We’re always working to improve your PeopleAdmin solution. Here are some of the enhancements that will be available soon:

  • Ability to post jobs to an applicant portal exclusively for existing employees.
  • Easier options for copying applications to different postings.
  • Functionality to send highly configurable offer letters to candidates directly from your PeopleAdmin system.

Visit the PeopleAdmin Community often to stay up-to-date on upcoming and recent releases.

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