Rishi Rana Joins the Higher Ed Geek Podcast

Supporting Faculty Workflows

Austin, TX – October 13, 2021

Listen to today’s Higher Ed Geek podcast, Supporting Faculty Workflows, with Rishi Rana, General Manager of PeopleAdmin, hosted by Dustin Ramsdell of Higher Ed Geek.

Ramsdell and Rana discuss the administrative and time management burden of faculty and effective strategies to help faculty find the time to focus more on students. PeopleAdmin’s Faculty Information System is a low-touch solution to reduce administrative burden on faculty by collecting and organizing their academic achievements, education and work history, professional contributions, publications, and research.

Check out an excerpt below:

Rana: “A stark revelation was that 90% of institutions do not have a robust faculty information system or any faculty digitization. A lot of data is still being entered via emails or Excel spreadsheets in order to do the basics– even course management… A faculty member’s life is split into multiple areas. They have to work towards research, they have to work on teaching classes to students, they have to file for grants and work on papers. How do you measure all those activities and make sure everyone has the right data?”

Listen now!