Rishi Rana joins the EdLuminaries Podcast

Helping Academic Institutions Fulfill the Mission of Higher Education

Austin, TX – September 16, 2021


Listen to the recent EdLuminaries podcast “Helping Academic Institutions Fulfill the Mission of Higher Education” with Rishi Rana, General Manager of PeopleAdmin, hosted by Alejandra Zertuche, CEO of Enflux.

Zertuche and Rana discuss Enflux and PeopleAdmin’s recently announced integration partnership, PowerSchool’s IPO, the connection between student outcomes and faculty activity, the mission of higher education, and innovation in EdTech. Check out an excerpt below:


Alejandra Zertuche: “What faculty activities help students be successful?”

Rishi Rana: “[Research and the individual student journey] are most impactful activities to society and to the cause that higher education institutions stand for. How do you enable that? More time towards the activity itself and not towards the mundane tasks that support those activities. So we, as leaders in the EdTech space, should be taking care of the mundane tasks and digitizing those areas so faculty are spending more time on actual research and on guiding students through that research, and guiding students through learning, which is what they’re at the institution for. Once this is automated, faculty will have more time on their hands, they will be more successful, and we will be more successful as EdTech providers because we have enabled the journey towards student success.”


The partnership between PeopleAdmin and Enflux is game changing for higher education institutions, providing a tool that directly correlates faculty activity with student outcomes. Never before have academic affairs teams had a comprehensive data-backed solution that provides actionable insights to help faculty be more effective, curriculum be optimized, and students be more successful.