Remembering Those in Higher Education Who Inspired Us

As many of you are aware, on Feb. 22 PeopleAdmin launched the Inspired2Educate recognition program — an effort to thank our nation’s educators for the work they do and to inspire others to do the same.

Almost one month later, we have been overwhelmed with the stories we have received from around the country. Stories of hope, of change, and resilience. Above all, stories of deep and lasting inspiration.

Kermit Randa, CEO of PeopleAdmin, said today in a Huffington Post op-ed article, that we owe educators a chance to tell their stories so that they can inspire today’s learners to become great educators of tomorrow.

Inspired2Educate is an important reminder of the power educators have to positively affect the lives of their students.

When looking at the submissions we’ve collected so far, aside from the incredible stories of growth and appreciation, something else stands out: Very few are about educators in the higher education system.

Most of us look back fondly on our college years. They were a time of new experiences and new opportunities. Too often, however, we focus only on the fun and the friendships and look past all the incredible work that went on in classrooms, libraries, and study halls across campuses. Perhaps because it was hard work. Work that required long hours and late nights. But for many of us, college and graduate school is where we changed the most, learned the most, and were molded into the people we are today. And that is due, in large part, to the team of educators who worked together for our benefit. We recognize their tireless and enthusiastic support for our advancement, their ceaseless dedication to challenging our boundaries, opening new doors, and creating lasting opportunities.

For those of you in education, Inspired2Educate is a chance to say “thank you” by sharing your story of the teacher, administrator, or staff member who set the foundation for your life’s work.  It is so important that we keep these stories alive, offer our thanks, and pave the way forward for the next generation of educators.