PeopleAdmin to repackage solution branding and reintroduce popular K-12 brand TalentEd

PeopleAdmin to repackage solution branding and reintroduce popular K-12 brand TalentEd

New naming conventions, logos and taglines designed to focus on the unique needs of higher education and K-12 education markets

AUSTIN, Texas — Sept. 12, 2017 — PeopleAdmin, the leader in talent management software for K-12 and higher education, today released new brand structure, imagery, and names for their higher education and K-12 solutions, better aligning solution sets with the critical functions they streamline for schools, districts, colleges and universities.
Solutions designed for K-12 education will be presented under the TalentEd name — revitalizing the popular brand PeopleAdmin acquired in 2015. The higher education solutions will continue serving the market as PeopleAdmin. Both PeopleAdmin and TalentEd by PeopleAdmin will classify solutions by the specific needs that they address: Recruit & Hire, Onboard & Manage, and Develop & Retain, and will include powerful, insight-driven analytics tools that span the employee life cycle.
“Establishing unique brands for each market we serve aligns with our roadmap to deliver comprehensive talent management solution suites uniquely designed for K-12 and higher education,” said PeopleAdmin’s CEO Jack Blaha. “We’re excited to simplify messaging around the challenges each solution is designed to solve, to lead both markets in delivery of powerful analytics solutions, and to better meet the current and future needs of each unique market.”
Each brand will also have separate logos and taglines:

“Our market research indicated a strong recognition of the PeopleAdmin name as a market leader in higher education, and an equally strong leadership position of the TalentEd name in K-12, which is what really drove this decision,” said PeopleAdmin’s Chief Revenue Officer Matt Keenan. “We encourage and empower our customers to use data and analytics to drive important decisions at their institutions, and we make it a priority to do the same — especially when modifying our image can simplify and enhance their understanding of who we are and how we serve them.”
Availability and function of individual solutions will not be affected by the branding refresh. However, names of certain solutions will change. The TalentEd suite of solutions now includes: SchoolSpring, Educators Professional Inventory (EPI), Hire, Onboard, Records & Contracts, SmartFind, Perform, Develop and Discover Analytics. The PeopleAdmin suite of solutions includes Hire, Analytics, Positions, Onboard, Records and Performance.
About PeopleAdmin
PeopleAdmin delivers tailored talent management solutions that simplify talent management processes for K-12 and higher education.
TalentEd by PeopleAdmin delivers solutions that streamline K-12 education recruitment, assessment, hiring, onboarding, records and contract management, absence management, evaluations and professional development management. PeopleAdmin’s higher education solutions facilitate efficient processes for recruitment, search committee management, hiring, position management, onboarding, recordkeeping, and performance management.
Both suites are powered by actionable analytics and insights, enabling leaders to streamline talent management complexities and make data-based decisions, so they may focus on what they do best — empowering employees, educating students and inspiring a brighter future.
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